2022 Explorer limited, yay, okay, or nay?

FYI, I have the option to take the vehicle with incentives at time of order, assess for better incentives at time of delivery, or leave it.

Region: Midwest
Months: 36
Miles/Year: 12k
Residual: 59%
APR: 1.27% (~MF 0.00053)
MSRP: ~ $49000
Selling Price: ~ $47000 (x-plan)
Drive-Off: presumably 1st month + fees + upfront taxes
Incentives: $2500 ($1000 custom order, $1000 medical profession, $500 RCL)
Acquisition Fee: $645 (but this is included in selling price) *
Documentation fee: up to $100 (capped by Ford x-plan)

** Regarding the acquisition price, LH calculator separate the selling price and acquisition fee. However, Ford includes it in final price (at least in their x-plan offer).*

Whether I subtract $645 from the selling price or leave the selling price at 47,000 but reduce acquisition fee to $0, LH calculator shows the same total cost and score.

Are you sure that they include the acquisition fee in the xplan price, not the destination fee? Ive never seen a different X-Plan sales price listed for leases and purchases.

I will upload a picture of the contract once I get a copy of it, but this is a screenshot of x-plans net price (that through Ford.com

Gotcha. They’re just showing the list of fees rolling up to the total cost, not them in the selling price.

In this case, your selling price would be the starting x plan price plus the options and destination charges, so $47420. My expectation is that on your contract, that’s the number you’ll see listed on the “agreed upon value” section in the line that lists the cap cost. Acquisition will be located elsewhere.

A good way to verify that’s the case would be to look at the xplan pricing for a purchase rather than a lease. You should see the acquisition fee drop and the pre-incentive selling price more accurately reflected.

Ultimately, it doesn’t really matter than much if you put it into the calculator with the acq fee rolled into the selling price or separately itemized, but it does conflate your data for evaluating against other deals.

To properly evaluate a deal, it’s best to never have a section where you’re presuming the value. You want to know what the DAS amount actually is.

Fees can be $0 or can be $10,000, depending on the dealer. You need more hard figures from a dealer vs a website that can’t hold the dealer to the pricing.

Perhaps I should have been clearer in my description: the x-plan is structured in a way that leaves no room for dealers to change (fees are capped at $100, APR is %1.27, and RV %59).

I guess what I was looking for here is to see if the ~ $2000 x-plan discount + $2500 incentive makes this lease worth it.

Definitely! However, with this contract it is really up to me: either put down payment or not. The final amount is still relatively the same (%41 depreciation value + interest + tax)/36 months

In this market its a pretty solid deal imho, really good mf although the rv is not great. If you can stretch the lease to 39 months that will save you a bit every month and of course you can go down to 10k miles. Find a dealer that doesn’t play games and honors the numbers and sign it up before more supply issues

Thanks for the input. So far, the dealer has stuck to x-plan terms. However, the car has yet to be delivered so nothing is finalized yet.

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