2022 Chrysler Pacifica Limited/Pinnacle AWD

A set of Bridgestone Blizzak DM-V2 tires will change your whole outlook on the desire for AWD.

I wanted the Pacifica Hybrid, but I’m going to have to wait until my kids are a bit older. The 2nd row middle seat in my Odyssey is a big comfort in terms of taking care of my little kids.

What do you mean about the seats? My daughter has 8mo and 2.5 y kids…

I needed a 8 seater. The Hybrid only comes with a 7 seat configuration.

Dear fellow leasehackr members, I have been searching for a 2022 Pacifica Pinnacle/Limited for a while now and probably contacted probably 50 + dealers in many states. I finally found a dealer who has multiple Pinnacles in stock. They accepted to honor FCA friends and family and Costco and some rebates FCA offers.
Here is the best deals I could get
2022 Pacifica Pinnacle AWD - Sticker price $58,437 - stock vehicle

  • Lease - Leasing a Pacifica is a horrible deal.
    Best deal I was offered was $ 996/month - $2500 Down even with FCA friends and family discount (36 months/10K) - Yuck!

  • Purchase -
    $54,500 plus tax, title and doc fee after incentives (FCA friends + costco+rebate). Probably not a super good deal for Chrysler but I think beats down the used 2021/2022s that are selling higher.

Anyone got better lease deals for Pacifica or better purchase deals?

What do you guys think?

I have been able to find one dealer to offer FCA Employee pricing.

So I got the following

2022 Pinnacle AWD - MSRP $58,350 (in stock)
Selling price - $53,500
Doc fee 325
License 200

This is for purchase. Do you guys think this is an okay deal?


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What’s the breakdown in dealer discount vs incentives?

How does your pre-incentive discount compare to what some brokers are offering in the Marketplace? I get it that some broker pricing is for custom orders, but at least it should help determine how your deal compares.

Sir this is FCA employee pricing and for purchase. Dealer mentioned that the lowest they can offer at the moment is employee pricing which is $53,500

Still does not answer my question below.

Let me rephrase my question then. What pre-incentive discount qualifies as employee pricing? 5% off MSRP?
Were any rebates applied to the deal?

I am not really an expert in this but according to the information I am provided FCA employee pricing is 5% below invoice (I may be wrong). In this market, it is hard to find dealers accepting any kind of discount on stock units so I hope I am getting better than okay deal. Believe me I have been turned down by many dealers.

Normally there is not much rebates/incentives for Purchase other than FCA Rebate Cash ($500-750) but only when you use FCA Capital to fund the loan.

For lease, there is some rebates/incentives especially for returning customers.

To answer your other questions, I think the brokers here were offering 8-10% of MSRP on orders so this may fall close to their offers (I hope)

Congrats on your deal and enjoy the car. My wife has a 2017 Pacifica Touring L (financed) and she loves it.

Thank you. I hope it serves our family safely and comfortably for long while

It is, as long as you are ok taking a chance on the resale value and possibly getting destroyed.

FCA vehicles aside from a couple exceptions have always had terrible resale value. Their minivans were never an exception.

Absolutely agreed. Any lease/buy at the moment is already horrible and giving me nightmares.

I am currently leasing a Volvo XC90 (lease end in October) I am only paying $560/month for this (MSRP was 72K). I thought about purcasing it for $41K (payoff amount) but family growing and with two car seats the mid-size SUV feels so cramped.

I thought about just leasing a minivan but it was way worse than purchase.

Also, getting a Sienna/Odyssey is not feasible either at the moment due to all dealer markups and looong wait times for new orders (needed a car by October)

Honestly just offer the same OTD price for an Odyssey Elite and see who bites.

It’s a way better TCO

Good thinking but honestly not really a fan of Honda Odyssey so also being AWD helped us to choose the Pacifica. I know FCA reliability is a big question mark but I do not plan to keep it more than warranty period.

We enjoy our 2021 pacifica limited phev. No issues at all, comfortable, reliable only oil changes and rotations. I wish it had the stow and go but the battery pack is not a bad compromise. With the ev and gas avg is about 35mpg. Same setup as 4xe.

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Do you live in a fairly cold place? I was concerned about the hybrid cold performance during harsh winters in midwest. Also, most dealers did not want to budge on price at all for hybrid limiteds. Have not been able to find any Pinnacle Hybrids

Don’t sign yet. You are completely missing $6,450 Stellantis Lease Loyalty Bonus Cash along with $1,000 email bonus cash. Dealer discount is a great start.

I do not have a FCA lease to qualify for loyalty and I am not sure if that would apply for purchase

What is this? Only for gas version?