2022 camaro lt1 lease question

So I’ve been looking to lease a 2022 Camaro LT1for 39 months 10 K miles a year. I have over 800 credit score GM employee pricing. I looked on Edmonds and the money factor is .00129 residual 63% for the car I was looking at. Working with 2 dealers by my house they both said the money factor and residuals were wrong. Am I wrong or why are these car salesman lying to me lol

Best guesses; they’re either marking up the MF or using a different lessor (like a credit union).


You’re wasting your time with this strategy.

Do the math and make an offer defined as “this much DAS and this monthly” that’s it.

Let them say yes/no and move on either way.

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That’s what I did I made them a fair offer and they said where’d you come up with those numbers. When I explained it to them they said the MF and residual was wrong lol . Ok on to the next dealer . You must not want to sell a car today have a good day

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Ok, first of all, are we (i.e. you) looking at things correctly? I find it odd that two dealers said you have the numbers incorrect.

-you have 2021 listed up top, but 2022 listed in the paragraph?

  • are you looking at an LT1 or an LT?

2022 camaro LT1 sorry fixed the mistake. I Just think it’s a sellers market there’s not many Camaros and no one wants to make a fair deal

Got it. Yeah, it seems they are trying to pull a fast one. Find a new dealer.

There never were many Camaros. Part of that is because they don’t sell. It is a matter of time before Chevy axes them entirely. If you wait until we get closer to winter, there will be some dealers willing to play ball on a Camaro. Of course, that will depend on the location of the dealership.

Thank you What you said makes a lot of sense I will definitely wait a couple months into the winter months I should be able to get a better deal especially since I live in Ohio

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Back in March/April with tight inventory and with spring/summer ahead, my local (Columbus) dealer declined to even make an offer to buy my RWD BMW.

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Rwd doesn’t bother me in the snow I don’t know why people are scared to buy rear wheel drive cars in Ohio

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To be fair, this is by far the worst car I’ve ever driven in snow (and I grew up in the Midwest).

A one-flake-deep layer of snow our our driveway’s 0.000001-degree incline means I take the SUV if I have to go somewhere.

I wish I had video of the time it took me 5-6 tries with running starts to get the car into the garage. :laughing: #NotSarcasm


Lol I believe you lol

If you don’t have a garage may want to rethink this decision - the traction in this car is terrible on anything but dry road (with spirited driving)

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My fiancé’s driveway is crazy steep and usually icey in the winter as well. Left side is the hill drop off, right side is brick light posts. Took some shoveling, some salt, and some running starts at 15-20 mph before i finally got up there😂


There are many people that cannot drive with FWD, 4x4, or AWD, let alone RWD.


Problem is trying to find a dealer who will honor employee pricing. Good luck in this market.

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What was the price there coming back with? I think the residual is 68% for 39/10 and money factor is higher which makes these a bad deal right now.

550 a month 1k down

Confirmed with my Chevy guys it’s 68% for 36 and 67% for 39 MF is .00214

Thank you I had my numbers wrong then I appreciate your help