2022 Bolt EV and EUV price drop! $6,300 Customer Cash

Hi Aamir Ali,

Can you please let me know what was the outcome for the swap? Where you able to find a dealer to swap?

I am in the same situation as you, only difference is my lease expiry has some more time to go.

Thanks in advance.

Doc fees are notoriously regional in nature. You’re only going to find those low fees in states that have statutory caps. I believe this is a New Jersey deal based on the lack of tax and the rebates so $595 for a doc fee is pretty much par for the course. You could push for a bigger discount to compensate but good luck with that nowadays.

This appears to be the $4,000 Charge Up NJ rebate plus another standard GM rebate, such as Military, Educator or First Responder. The key question is whether the Charge Up funding will still be there if and when a new vehicle is ordered.

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Rebate amount is set aside once order is placed and dealer send in the claim to state. So it is guaranteed as long as you order while funds are still available, when you take delivery doesn’t seem to matter.

That’s what I’m shown on chargeUpNJ right now with my ID.4 order.

You’re right. NJ charge up plus a first responder discount. I declined the deal and ordered a new one that I’ll take after new year with the new rebates. I think that’s the best option for me.

As long as you are guaranteed to secure the Charge Up funding on the new order and are willing to wait I don’t see much downside here. At this rate your new order will almost definitely land after January 1st. My order was placed June 28th, targeted production of August 8th, allegedly completed in Mid August and I’m still waiting for it to arrive at the dealership. I’d be surprised if any potential negatives (lower RV, higher MF, loss of supplier, a price hike) would outweigh the additional Federal rebate money. As long as you’re willing to wait it’s probably the best play.

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Agreed. I even added the leather package just figuring that the rebates will be close to the cost of the lease. I am told end of January/February for delivery.

When you place an order dealer/state “Reserves” your funds.

Just confirming that 2023 Bolt EVs and EUVs do not have any incentives. The 2022s had incentives to basically match the lowered 2023 pricing. Is that correct?

That is Correct

Did you finance/purchase or lease?

I declined it. I ordered another one. I’m going to lease next year when my new order comes in.

Could I get the name of your dealer/dealership? I am also in CA and trying to find someone that could host my trade. thanks!

GM has done a shatty job of explaining(or not explaining) the 2 options.

Anyways, if you are in a lease repurchase is calculated as;
mileage drive/120*cash purchase price
This didn’t make any sense since i drove less due to pandemic/bolt battery risk and the usage fee comes out to greater than the price of the vehicle…what in the world…

SOC is a better option for me at the end.
I take the new Bolt EUV, decked out, close out the lease in 2 months and purchase the car for $20k.
Since they will register and pay taxes, I believe this is a much better deal for me.
This car will do until I take delivery of Rivian R1S.

Anyone get any quotes for buyouts of the 2023 Bolt EUV?

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Can I order one EV or EUV and take delivery early next year, Is my price protected on these 23 models with lower MSRP ?

Can someone suggest a good dealer in or near Los Angeles area who is not a headache to deal with and won’t charge add ons when car arrives .

Fully acknowledging that I don’t know Buena Park from Buca di Beppo, maybe @chevysalesgirl can help.

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Hello Leasehackrs - asking for a friend (really) - they ordered a 2023 Bolt EUV back in June 2022. Chevy dealer just called them to say delivery is scheduled for first week of December. I’m trying to read through this thread but can someone please link any info about $7500 credit or California credit. They live in zip of 94080 in the Bay Area. I found $500 Costco coupon - anything else ? They are going to purchase, not lease. Thank you

GM vehicles are not qualified for any Fed credit for purchases in 2022.

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No Federal EV tax credit if they take delivery in 2022, likely at least half of that after 1/1/2023

CA: CCFR (which everyone was eligible for) was exhausted this summer, so only CVRP/CVAP are possible if they are eligible

GM Supplier, if they are eligible

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