2022 BMW X5 xDrive45e PEV *PURCHASE* tips DC area + how do you like it?


Hey all!

Leased a number of cars via the valuable info from this forum – love it!

This time around, with the market being what it is, I will likely buy. Was originally considering a GV80 2.5 Advance but now got hooked on the X5 45e PEV. We live in the city (DC) so the thought of mostly electric drive is compelling and this car makes a good bridge between a ICE and what will soon be a fully electric world.

Being new to buying, I want to best position myself to get the best “deal”. We will be ordering the car and need it in July 2022 so have some time to get all lined up. Questions I have:

  1. Casual convos with dealers indicating they are doing MSRP for orders. Should I expect more or is around as good as I’ll get on a popular car like this? Located in DC but willing to travel. I’m willing to hustle hard but want go in being realistic.
  2. Does the OL code (which I need to figure out how to get!) stack with PenFed (had an account for 5+ years with $5 in it for this purpose :blush:)
  3. I read if I get a 3 year membership for BMWCCA for at least 6 months, there is a $1k rebate. Is this rebate easy to get/do? If so I’ll jump on getting that membership ASAP.
  4. I have no loyalty (coming out of a MB E class)
  5. Any other discounts (aside from federal/local tax credits) I should look out for?

As an aside, anyone with a 45e want to chime in on how they like the car? What you love/dont? I likely wont be able to drive one due to non-existent stock so I’m relying on all that I read online.

Thanks all!

Find a way to test drive it or forget it. If you can’t test drive it, don’t buy it.


agreed to definitely try to test drive, that said, stock is pretty non existent as you mentioned. We drove the 2021 and it was great. Quiet, smooth and enough power when needed. As for “deals” you should be able to work out a small discount off MSRP (thinking 3 - 6%) if you order but be prepared to wait at least 2 - 3 months for a dealer to have allocation and then they say 6 - 8 weeks once your order is accepted (I’d expect that to be a much longer turn around though). If you like the car try to get an order in soon to meet your July deadline, as for BMWCCA yes it’s very easy to claim the check so join right away, as for Penfed and OL code I’m not sure what they’re doing now. Good luck.

You’re looking for


Lots of information if you search…

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Not on a 45e.

Even on a regular X5 3% discount is generous right now.


One or two folks on Bimmerpost claim to have gotten invoice deals on X45e’s recently… not sure how they managed that, but best I’ve been offered is 1.5% dealer discount.

Leveraging long term and or strong business relationships.

I (and any other decent broker out there) could go out and get a triple net deal on one for personal use if need be.

Thanks all for the comments and insight. I have a good idea of what I can expect discount-wise.

Interestingly, it doesn’t look like the 45e will qualify for any federal tax credit next year if it passes as is or even slightly different. That was a big selling point for me and made the PHEV a no brainer over the ICE version. Hmm.

  • $7,500 – Purchase an electric or plug-in hybrid vehicle, defined as a car with a battery capacity of at least 40 kilowatt-hours and a gas tank, if any, under 2.5 gallons
  • $4,500 – If the car was assembled at a unionized U.S. plant. (Currently only GM, Ford and Stellantis qualify.)
  • $500 – If the battery pack was made in the United States

It did not pass, the EV tax credits are unchanged for now

Of course anything could happen next year, it almost certainly won’t be retroactive, but if you are betting the PHEV credit shrinks you’d want to buy sooner than later.

One thing to keep in mind - Penfed codes expire in a week and nobody knows what their discount will be for next year. You may still want to sign up, but may not get the $3250 they currently advertise.

Oops, I see OP is already a Penfed member, but point still applies. I grinded to 2% off from a couple of dealers today, but ended up holding because of the uncertainty about the Penfed discount. Given the way things are going, I totally expect it to be cut…

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So does the 7500 credit hold until the new credits pass?

If you purchase, the $7500 credit is available to you

I was told by dealer 1k OL does not stack with PenFed. PenFed $3250 expired today, not sure if it extends. 1k rebate from BMWCCA is fairly fast to get. X5 PHEV takes a long time to deliver, I’ve heard up to 4 months, what if BBB passes and tax credit decrease before you take delivery, tax credit might decrease since the BMW South Carolina plant won’t likely be unionized before then :grinning:

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