2022 BMW X3 Deal Check


36 months/10K
RV: 56%
MF: 0.00176 (?, this is where I think the quote is off)

I’m kind of new at this so please reply with follow ups/clarification. I went the Fighting Chance route and searched for my ideal car, matched with inventory in the state and made calls around in a bid process to see what lowest price I could get. The first quote I got back is attached here - something is off and I’m hoping the community could help me figure out what. I believe I plugged everything in correctly to the calculator. Are they screwing me on the MF? My understanding is that base MF is .00176. Any help appreciated, thanks!


Do the numbers match with a marked up MF?

Reach out to @IAC may be able to get you a discount if you can wait for an order

Thanks, I DM’d them. Numbers definitely matched to it being marked up, but I’m wondering if I may be inputting some of the fees/taxes incorrectly?

Check to see if they capitalized your taxes and fees. The deal sheet says you pay $1232 on delivery.

Ok that brings monthly to $841 - is that negotiable or a way around it?

Why would you want to pay $800+/month to rent a $50k X3?

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I don’t, hence the post. I’m looking for guidance here as a novice, not unhelpful critique, thank you.

There are a couple of things going against you:

  1. No discount off MSRP.
  2. Marked up MF.

Are you open to other brands or SUVs? If yes, check out broker deals in the Marketplace.

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Taxes and registrations fees are not negotiable. Dealer fees can sometimes be negotiated by having them reducing the selling price. It’s up to you whether or not you want taxes and fees capitalized. The difference between $841 and $891 could very well be a marked up MF. Increase the MF on the calculator incrementally until you reach $891 and confront the dealer with that.

got it - looks like the way it was structured rolled into the monthly payments. this is starting to make more sense to me, thank you. it seems like there aren’t many incentives to be had right now then? didn’t find anything in recently signed and it doesn’t look like there are many deals available.

You’re wasting your time trying to lease a BMW under their current programs.

You’re also very likely wasting your time trying to lease something in Texas where you’ll pay tax on the full value of the vehicle regardless of whether you buy or lease, so there are no tax savings to be found by leasing.

that’s good to know as well, thank you. is ordering for delivery helpful, or at this point should I just abandon the idea of a BMW? I didn’t do as well preparing as I thought…

:point_up_2::point_up_2: - That is my advice.

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