2022 BMW UDE Lineup?

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Has anyone gone to this years BMW UDE in their city? Registration for mine is opening soon and I’m curious what vehicles were available to drive this year (besides the new electrics)?

Also for the auto cross, m440i again I assume?


Ideally I’ll let you know b/c I am headed to the Denver one in about an hour. Curious to see if any OL codes pop up in my inbox after the event as well.


They are running the electric sedans and giving people the chance to try each one out. The new suv is available for street drive.


autocross is the i4 both 40 and m50, street drives I was able to drive the M440 convertible and a few 50i SUVs were there (X5,6,7) iX also. 850 was there too but the line was 2 hours.



i4 40
i4 m50

Ix Experience

Ix ( obv ) A straight line then a steering demo for you to experience. It takes about 10 minutes and had a long line for the two vehicles available.

Street Drive :

M235i x drive Saloon
X3 M40
X5 50
X6 50

Their may have been others but that is what I saw. I’ll update if I get an OL code out of this.


Same as above at Tobay Beach NY in late spring. The street drive also included an M850ix Convertible, M versions of the SUVs, and the ever-elusive 530e sedan.

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Thanks everyone. Last year I got the OL code the same week I went.

Do you get to chose which i4 you use for auto cross?

Also in regards to the long line for the m850. Same thing last year, if you wait for an auto cross event to start though most people disappear for that and you can get in the car pretty quickly.

I wouldn’t really say you get to choose on the auto cross however you do get to go two separate times, so your odds of getting the 50 at least once is decent. I suppose if you didn’t get the model you wanted on the first round you could request it for the 2nd but I didn’t see anybody doing that.

IIRC last year OL codes were by region as in some regions received them while others may have not. No idea as to what they are doing this year however the Denver event did email an OL code out approximately 24 hours after check in time. B/C it’s likely to get asked, I signed up for the event, checked in at the event, no, I have no idea if you will get the code if you just sign up and do not attend, though IMO it’s unlikely.

Below is the fine print:

While the OL code is great, it’s still going to take a combination of a higher rv, a lower mf, and about 5% more off MSRP than is currently available ( all unlikely ) to make this compelling for me personally however ymmv.

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Huge difference in the OL code you received vs. in the past. You went to an event this weekend (end of June) and the code you got is only valid until August of this year.

That 99% ensures you’d have to buy a unit off the lot, as it’s not enough time for an order. Why does that matter? Orders are about the only way you’ll get a decent discount off MSRP.

I went to the event last year in June of 2021 and the code I got was valid for 8 months. So in August I placed an order, got an insane 11.25% off MSRP (thanks Quentin) plus $500 OL, and was able to apply it when the car arrived in October. That would be impossible now.

Here’s the email I got last year June 19.

Unless I missed the email last year Colorado or Rocky Mtn region didn’t get an OL code at all from attending the event. It’s a slight improvement for this region.

Keep in mind the mf has increased approx 80 bps since last year. As I mentioned it would take a combination of things to get into compelling territory for me on a BMW right now.

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Well, something is certainly better than nothing.

Yes, discounts have dropped off and the MF has skyrocketed. The only incentive is maybe $1000 loyalty on most models. I’m happy I got the deal I did when I did, but worried how much it might cost me next time around.

I know it’s easier said then done but if your next lease isn’t for another 27 months I wouldn’t worry too much.

Completely realizing that while I say that I scroll through Craigslist more than I should with about a 70% chance I end up with something south of 10k and a 30% chance of being closer to 20k. I also happen to have another 4 months left on my lease while still trying to capitalize on the equity.

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There was an OL code last year:

UDE event was at the end of July and the OL Code was valid through 9/30. BMW is still the best when it comes to incentives, if I can get an LCI 330e order delivered by 8/31 these will be the incentives i can stack:

  • $750 loyalty
  • $1000 UDE
  • $500 CCA

Dealer discounts are not what they used to be but still available for those who are shopping around and/or don’t mind buying out of state. Not sure what other brand(s) still offer a combination of dealer discounts and manufacturer incentives so I will keep buying them bimmers :slight_smile:

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