2022 BMW M440 XDrive Gran Coupe (Custom Build)


Title: 2022 BMW M440 Gran Coupe

Year, Make, Model, and Trim: 2022 BMW M440 Xdrive Gran Coupe
Region: Mid-west (Chicago)
MSRP: $67,670
Selling Price: $60,895
Monthly Payment: $775.00 (w/tax) (tax rate 7.25%)
Drive-Off Amount: $3,800
Annual Mileage:10,000
Incentives:$500 (Corp. Discount)
Leasehackr Calculator Link: 7.5 Lease Hacker Score
Celebratory pictures? :smiley:


That’s a hell of a discount but of course the 36 bps bump on the MF eats into it.

Also, loyalty and Corp can’t be combined just FYI.

Getting more than 4-5% on an M440 GC right now is solid (assuming buy rate). This is far beyond that.

Sorry, yes I know they cannot be combined I am not sure outside of Corp. what other rebates they included.

Yeah this isn’t true.

There aren’t $1500 rebates on the car.

Yea, I confirmed its $500 rebate the rest is % off MSRP.

What has been committed to/shown in writing thus far?

This is more like the deal:

Not 10% off lol.

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Well yea MF and Residuals are different that is why its not your actual 10% off. This is the best deal I got shopped around 12 different dealers. Can any of you beat it?

What I provided has been committed.

But why are all of the numbers messed up then?

I guess what I mean is…did they only agree to the output and the inputs were a guess on your part?

I don’t want my tone to be misconstrued. Trying to be helpful here but I realize if read wrong it may come off as abrasive.

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The numbers are straight from the quote sheet…I guessed the MF.

What about the rebates?

I updated that it was $500 in rebates just corp. discount

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So this is the deal?

I provided the base MF not sure where you got taken, but definitely not 10% off so I wouldn’t report it as such.

Well technically it is 10% off its just not the MFs the brokers use… that’s why the MF and residual are different than what most of the brokers offer

Do you think it’s a bad deal?

Its not 10% off if they are getting their money elsewhere, moving money from one pile to another doesn’t change anything.

Sure, yea either way the whole point is to identify if it’s a good deal or not lol

Residual is set by the bank. No broker or dealer can change it as long as you’re comparing the same mileage terms.

Correct, but they can mark it up as they have here.