2022 BMW M3 Comp Fire Orange - $1346/per mo - Lease transfer


@Ursus - I think the “IWIIOC” thread should be renamed the “If the Queen had balls she would be King”…

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Is Heads Up Display included? I thought it was part of Executive Package but don’t see it listed.

Yup! It is included.

All, Thank you for your interest. This is now in process of lease transfer.

Thank you and Yes sir… it is gone.


PM mods if need to re-open.

Opened on request

All, It is back open. Unfortunately! the assumee didnt get approved with BMW.

A tale as old as time. List on SAL as others have suggested it’ll go in a day


Thank you! Just posted there.

Someone will take it, I’m sure. The other most recent M3 is like $1,500 a month asking 15k down which is just dumb.

Ha, I long for the days of the deal I got for my ex $105k F80 M3 CS for $850 with CA tax mid 2019, those days are long gone… Although talking to my buddy at the dealer just yesterday he said some leases are starting to go down already, specially 5 Series, but I don’t think those 2019 deals are coming back ever unless demand totally tanks.

Either way, on this car, love the build and color combo, specially the Fire Orange in combination with the light grey interior. I’ve had all the M3s since the first generation, so I’ll pull the trigger on one of these eventually…

In the mean time, OP, good luck with the transfer…

The CS was it’s own special breed of deal. I had a custom F80, 80k for $850. I want it back.