2022 Audi Etron going for over MSRP with 2023s out?

I am in IL and saw an Audi dealer has one last 2022 Etron for sale amongst a bunch of 2023s. I reached out about possible discounts on the sale price and was told they are selling above MSRP.

Wouldn’t the expectation be they would discount an older model car if they have new ones? Would it be more advantageous to try and lease the 2022 vs the 2023?

Sometimes dealers with 1 car they think will sell will hold out for a customer that wants the car they can sell to. If they had 15 on the lot you could expect a discount but this isn’t the case when EVs are hot.

Makes sense. Thanks.

Your strategy needs to be: find your target price, make offers, and move on quickly from those who say no (which will be 9 out of 10).