2021Audi Q3 PP 45 Deal check

Hi I am checking if this deal is any good.

2021 Audi Q3 PP, With Tech, 20"Wheel" Parking Assistance, Black Optics, Trailer Hitch, Beam Rings White
Year, Make, Model, and Trim:
MSRP: $48265
Selling Price:44765
Monthly Payment: $ 600.55
Drive-Off Amount: $5000
Annual Mileage:12000
Incentives:1500 Rebate
Trading in a 2018 Mercedes GLC Pay off $32,947.

LEase hacker says $510/month w/o trade-in

That’s not what your LH calculator shows: $519 all in.

Where does $510 or $600.55 come from?

Why no MSDs?

Have you checked with @Samaudibh, @Audigirl, or @DonnyAudi?


Terrible deal. Minimal discount and why $3500 down? Did you confirm incentives on Edmunds?

Your MF in the calculator shows .00100, but per Edmunds, it should be .00118

Hi I checked with Edmunds what making it difficult is what the dealer wants to buy my car for and what is left on pay off.

So exactly how much negative is buried in selling price?

Sure they would buy for 27500, and 32795 is pay off or just over 5K

You may want to take out negative temporary to correctly evaluate pure Q3 deal first. Then tackle it back on if you must. +1 for incentives question: on east coast, there is $1750 in lease cash and Audi something something. Have you confirmed what incentives are in your region that you eligible for?

Incentives in the area are .00118 MF and 57% RV, with 1500 lease cash.

I re-did this lease hacker calculator, $3500 down with a total of 5k
Monthly Payment with Tax: $493
Drive-Off: $5,023

In OP you said 600 a month with 5000 DAS. Where did 3500 down come from?

Anyway this is your calculator with proper RV, MF and incentives, including ~5K of negative equity from trade tackled on dealer fees. Assuming they are giving you buy rate, 10% before incentives is not bad at all.

Try pushing for 11%. I’d suggest doing MSDs as well instead of large DAS. Will lower your rent charge significantly and you’ll get that money back at the end. It’s that negative that makes this deal look atrocious on a surface. Have you tried getting offers from Carvana, Vroom etc to see if you could get better price for your trade?

@RustyDaemonYes, we’ve looked at a few places to sell and we had a few places offer 4-5k less than what’s the payoff.

.00118 MF and California’s high tax rate = bad combo for negative equity. Pay that off in cash instead of rolling it in.

Look in the Marketplace and Shared Deals sections to find something that leases better than Q3. Should not be hard.

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Why roll in that much negative equity? What’s the rush to get into a new car?