2021 XC 90 Good Deal?

So Cal

Is this a good deal?
Is this a good car?

See attached

MSRP 70795
Discount 9532
Rebate 500
Adj Price 60763
Doc Fee 85
Tax 46
Non Tax Fee (What is this) 1738
Balance 62633
Residual 61%
MF 0.00157 (What is the going rate? Am I stuck with using them and their rate?)
Cash down $1650 incl first month payment and DMV
Pretax monthly payment 756
Mileage 10K a year

Why are you in a negotiation phase while also asking if it’s a good car?

Shouldn’t you confirm you like the car before negotiating deals?

Confirm the MF on Edmunds.

I think the MF is at buy rate but you can check with Edmunds forum. There is a 3250 lease bonus so your discount is roughly 9%. You might be able to squeeze 1-2% off.

I have done that research. But always believe in getting opinions from others. Some may see an angle that I did not. For example, JD Powers has given this car a low reliability rating. But I am ok with that since this is a lease and I don’t have a long commute. I won’t keep it past 30K/3 yrs.
On the other hand, if it gets trashed here by most others, I still have the option to back off.
This is the first quote from the dealership. So not even started negotiating yet.
Thanks for your input though.

Cool makes sense

Thanks for explaining

No worries. Also, could not find any other thread on Edmunds forum about a 2021 T8 inscription with 7 seats to check MF, RV or discount :frowning_face:

You need to post in the 2021 xc90 thread there and ask