2021 Toyota Tacoma $189 / 39 / $1,899 down. 4WD V6

4 different ways to slice this, as per their page.

This looks good to me, right out of the box without looking around much.
Thoughts on the deals? (not my method of sharing)

2021 Tacoma SR 4WD D CAB SR V6 6AT

  • $189/ mo

  • 39mos

  • $1,899due at signing

  • Qualified lessees can lease a new 2021 Tacoma SR 4x4 Double Cab V6 Engine 6-Speed Automatic Transmission 5-Ft. Bed Model 7594 for $189 per month for 39 months with $1,899 Due At Signing. Based on 12,000 miles/yr. Security Deposit waived. Lease includes $1,000 cash incentive and excludes tax, title, license, registration fees, and dealer options and charges.

  • 12,000 Miles Per Year*


Usually you can beat those deals with Ally or US Bank, I got mine before the Rona for a little less than that with nothing due at signing and tax included, Ally 39mo/10k/yr. I think the SR is bargain for what it comes with, AndroidAuto/CarPlay/Adaptive Cruise. Clean looking truck without the BS stickers/wheel flares and black trim instead of chrome. Don’t forget looking at MSD’s with these TFS deals to bring it down more. I think 2021 inventories are building up. Keep in mind that the SR’s are the hardest to find, even when inventory is good, dealers don’t get a lot of them.

Residual looks to be 82% on this one, mine was 88%

Here’s what I come up with based on the numbers, looks like there’s some fudging on that deal, probably some pad left for dealers. I cranked up the MF to get the payment to match but I assume it’s a alot less, edmunds looks to trend that way on different models. Taco deals look to be had for those in the market.


My current deal is cheaper for a higher msrp vehicle !

$170 + ttf with msds.

34k msrp double cab v6 4x4

24/12 lease


Jim’s got a great Toyota dealer. If you can make it out to PA he’s definitely worth talking to.

If you’re in TX, talk to @derekoh1991


I’d say :taco:'s look very hack-able this month through TFS. This one looks very doable with the right discount and max MSD’s, under $200/mo with tax.

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Definitely sounds like a TX deal, I can do this for $225/month with $225 DAS in TX

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Yeah that’s pretty legit with the tax situation in the Lone Star State. Add MSD’s and it’s even better, with the low payment on these, MSD’s really make sense

82% RV?! Wow, awesome!!! I’ve never looked at the Yodas but that’s impressive!

It is 85% on SR

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Going off the ad posted by the OP(or for my region, that’s what i pulled up, zip 80210), for that region 39 mo is showing 82%, 27474/33838=.82


Oh, I am sorry
I meant 85% on 24/12k
Totally got that wrong

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Ha, looks like the payment is the same either way with max MSD’s

Except dereks managers are too lazy to do msds!!! He has great programs though and a great sales guy to use!


Hopefully this post helps some Colorado buyers, since there’s only one dealer that does US/Ally, and they are hit or miss depending on the month

Is this available in Florida?

Any chance this will be available next month? Just opened escrow on a home. Need a car right afterward.

We ship these to Florida

Geez, thanks Rouleau!

Not like oh can lease OOS, no?

Or is that rule tfs only?

Would be surprised if it wasn’t, this is just the start of 2021 sales for Toyota. :taco:'s always have stupid high residuals