2021 Tahoe deal

Seeing that the 2021 Tahoe is not leasing well at all, I am considering the purchase of a 2021 Tahoe Premier trim level

What is an acceptable discount off msrp? I understand its a new redesign and the covid crap,etc… I dont need to get the best deal on earth, but dont want to be ripped off either, so the help of the community is appreciated =)

I qualify for $1000 Costco, and GM Supplier through my employer. I was told if I can use costco+GM Supplier pricing, or costco+dealer discount, but cant stack them (can’t do costco+GM Supplier+dealer discount). Is this true? Dealer will sell at the lower price, which in this case is costco+GM supplier pricing.

I am in Southern Cal, and while every dealer has 5-10 of these, there are over 7000 across the US listed on autotrader, so I’m not sure if this is considered “slim” inventory.

Any advice would be appreciated.
Thank you

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Find a new dealer, supplier and Costco can be combined. The best discount on these right now, barring a special circumstance, is supplier pricing.


costco + supplier combined = ok
costco + dealer discount combined = ok
costco + supplier + dealer discount = apparently not ok

im getting
$1000 costco
$3000 dealer discount
or can take $3500 supplier, but forgo the dealer discount
Obviously supplier is greater than dealer discount, but I dont see why the dealer cant (or chooses not ) discount it further…

@ethanrs, help out LH friend out!

Supply and demand. A dealer can definitely combine Supplier/Costco/Dealer discount, it’s just a question of finding a dealer that is motivated to do so. That being said, these seem to have been selling well without aggressive discounts thus far. You won’t know unless you shop around a bit.

I’ll demolish this text me



I text you twice about a Tahoe when I was looking last month with no response, so let’s hope OP’s mileage varies.

They can, but probably won’t. I shopped a Tahoe Premier last month. It’s tough to get a straightforward deal with no add-ons or BS. I guess it’s a matter of how long you can reasonably wait and how much pain you can endure talking to various dealers.

Apologies I must have missed it. I got a consistent 20-25 texts a day during the Bolt drops. If you’re still looking shoot me a text.

I live in dfw area and have seen dealers discounted premier for about 6k.

I discounted $9,000 + $1,000 Costco and got :dizzy: ghosted :dizzy:


Damn 9k off a 2021 Tahoe? that must be unheard of

First time I’ve seen anything below supplier on the new Tahoe or Yukons.

They’re adding restrictions to model year 2021 vehicles next year.

Will not be able to sell Suburbans / Tahoes for below triple net ($0 profit) and will not be able to sell Corvettes for under MSRP. Very odd but I guess I’ll take it.

:dizzy:Manifesting not losing money:dizzy:


I’m glad they’re restricting Corvettes to MSRP.

Some weaksuck dealers in the midwest are giving discounts to repeat customers :clown_face:

Same for the Bronco, heard Granger Ford in Iowa is doing 1k UNDER invoice.

That sounds like textbook price fixing…

I don’t make the rules :man_shrugging:

I’m not sure if dealer programs specifying what a car can be sold for counts as price fixing. We can’t sell below certain prices on employee / supplier codes on some vehicles.

Sounds like there may have been a supreme court ruling at some point that changed the interpretation. I know there were some dealers that won a price fixing lawsuit against a manufacturer for doing exactly that many years back, but the law may have changed.