2021 Tacoma TRD Sport Deal Question

Hi hackrs. As you know, the inventory on Tacomas is crazy thin to say the least. I have a dealer who has advertised their price ( no incentives) on their website at 6.2% off of MSRP. Right now that’s fairly decent as all other dealers around me are at MSRP or only $500 off, max. I sent the below offer and they called to let me know the discounted price was for a purchase. He’s asking to mark the money factor up from .00209 to .00239 to " make money." duh I told him I wanted the base money factor and the discount and was told I was being greedy with the way the market is. The truck I want is 45-60 days out on being delivered and they want $1000 to hold the truck. This means the MF and RV will most likely be different when the truck gets here.
What should I do to protect myself to ensure I don’t end up with an an over inflated MF? Request base at time of purchase in writing? Or is he right? Am I being too greedy given current market for this deal?

Buy one from me…ship it and have it by the end of the month. I sold 3 already this month to Utah bc of their insane prices. I can do 7% off plus $1000 incentive. Last guy I sold to in Utah was around 285/mo with msds. 36/10. 41k msrp


That means their advertised.price is not pre-incentive.


Don’t get hung up on getting base MF. Do your research, make an offer and remain indifferent to how they make it work, if they can.


This is great advice. I appreciate the feedback. They realized the extra $400 was petty and ended up keeping the base factor. Now I just have to decide if I want to wait 45-60 days. Tacoma inventory is ridiculously thin.