2021 Tacoma Off Road - Trying to Lease But Not Sure if Getting Fair Deal

Need sleep…I’m thinking about taxes and rebates.

HAHA, all good!

Residuals are set. a Min MF is set, but the dealer can set the MF to any number above…within reason I hope.

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Quick update. So, the dealer i’ve been communicating with is actually not rolling or working in the negative equity into the new lease deal. My payoff to SETF is including TN tax (7%) but the payoff amount for the dealership is less due to AL having a lower tax rate (2%) which brings the amount owed on the truck within the trade-in value range. I’ve gotten them to agree to the lowest MF for the SE region - .00174. Residual is 74%. However, the are sticking firm to the full MSRP of $39,576 due to limited inventory at the moment which makes for a high payment.

I should be able to keep you under 375/mo if you do msds and roll the remaining payments in. Sure you’re underwater as much as the payments? If so text me and I can see what I can do.


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