2021 Tacoma Deal signed in Michigan

This is my first car lease. How did I do?

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How about fantastic?

For what you are paying, even though we can’t see which specific Tacoma you have, it doesn’t matter :slight_smile:

I love that $15 rent charge :slight_smile:

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Looks like a base model judging by msrp but at this price it really doesn’t matter.

Double cab sr 4x4

Would you be willing to enter details in the Leasehackr Calculator?

Curious how their is no Acq fee? Perhaps it is inside another figure, though most of the time it is a line item.

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I’m in MI so please tell me which dealer. My dad’s Silverado is up this month and we might extend it because the days of $200/mo leaded are long gone.

How did you put down the equivalent of 16.5 security deposits? Does Toyota Financial do MSDs differently than other banks or am I seeing this wrong?


Was this done in PA or Michigan? You tagged PA…

Nicely done :white_check_mark:

It is probably capitalized. The second page would show the capitalization table and explain the difference between selling price and GCC.

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Michigan. Wouldn’t let me tag it.

There was another thread in ask the hackrs, I think it is Suburban.

Thanks @mrfrost05. I’ll check out Suburban as well.

GM is allowing lease extension, just need to see how far I can stretch it. My dad’s first two Silverado leases were under $180/mo; the $203 we paying for the Sierra now is a unicorn compared to the shit deals these days. Best I got on a Silverado Custom bare bones is $250/mo with GMS and all rebates. Damn pandemic.