2021 Subaru Outback Limited $37,859

Hello, I currently have a 2019 Honda CRV EXL with 22,000 miles on it. My lease isn’t up until October 2022. The payoff is 22,300. I have talked with multiple dealerships and Subaru is willing to give me 26,000 trade-in. A net profit of $3,642.00.

I am looking at getting a 2021 Subaru Outback Limited here’s the deal:

MSRP: $37,859
Selling Price: 35,250
DAS : first payment plus deposit
Payment $358.20
Deposit : $3,058.36
Total: $3,458.50
Money Factor: 1.6%
Fees included in capitalized cost: State Fees ($78.00) , Dealer Fee ($699.00)
Terms : 3 years, 12k miles

Monthly Payment: $358.20

Are they cutting you a check for your trade or rolling that equity in as well?

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Get a quote from CarMax or Carvana for your Honda.

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They are rolling it in to drive down the payment @mllcb42 .

@PTVMan I haven’t tried Carmax, but Carvana was $24,300and vroom was $25,800.

So you’re paying $3458 in addition to equity getting rolled in?

That puts you at $550/mo on this. Seems like you’d be way better off just buying it.

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@mllcb42 i’m sorry, I said that incorrectly up top. No I will be paying nothing to drive off.

Using equity for deposit and first payment.

So essentially all I’m getting is about a $2500 discount and $3600 equity.

Are you sure? Are they cutting you a check for the extra $200? That deal sheet looks like they’re expecting cash too.

Have you put together a calculator to verify the numbers?

@mllcb42 yes still write me a check for the extra 200. I’ll most likely just roll that in as well to drive down the payment a few bucks.


  1. As others said, separate the trade from the lease and see what others will pay
  2. don’t ever put money down on a lease to lower the payment
  3. This isn’t a great lease, do the math on a purchase

@jeisensc totally agree. Any advice on negotiations. Haven’t seen any numbers from those leasing recently for the Outback.

What would you suggest I go in at?

Thanks in advance for your help.

Research show that people on average are only savings about $2,300 Off MSRP, bringing price down to about: $35,255

Probably because they haven’t been leasing especially well.

Put together a reasonable target deal, and cast a wider net. Check out the marketplace to see if anyone who sells Subaru has one at a better price, even if you have to ship it.

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What were the terms of the original deal?

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