2021 Subaru Ascent Deal Check - new to leasing


I’m new to the leasing arena and was hoping to make sense of a deal.

I’m in FL

Per Edmunds
2021 Subaru Ascent Limited 7 Passenger

The deal works for me at 36/15, but I wanted to check with other leasing experts.

Dealer quoted 60% RV, MF .00183 (Because of trade negative), 36/15.

Any advice is appreciated.

What does that even mean? What does negative have to do with MF?

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That’s a bad deal. Take the trade out of the equation.

I wondered the same, but that was the reply I received.

However, I can’t afford to keep both. What specifically is bad about the deal?

I’d slice my left kidney out with a butterknife before I paid $650 a month for a Subaru Ascent


Cut your kidney out, or crash your C8 :slight_smile:

It sounds like dealer is double dipping: they are rolling 1300 negative into selling price and then bumping MF 50 points “to offset negative equity”? Very bold. Ask for buy rate, if you quality credit-wise, or find another dealer.

Edit: double dipping is bad choice of words, more like using presence of negative equity, which they just roll into price, to justify MF bump. With one having nothing to do with another.

Even with the negative it’s a trash deal Hard Pass for me.

Folks aren’t asking you to keep both. It’s to separate the two transactions so you don’t get a shell game played on you.

Get rid of the trade thru carmax, Carvana, etc. do you own or lease your current one?

Current one is on purchase lien. @Bigpoppa09 - aside from the obvious negative equity and MF bump other pointed out, can you elaborate more on why exactly its a trash deal? Trying to learn as much as possible.

A BS answer like that from a dealer would be a hard stop on any future business with them for me.

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Like other said that’s a horrible deal.
Do you qualify for any loyalty discounts?
You can get way better deals from brokers on this board for luxury brand cars like Volvos for way less price than what they quoted you.

Should I expect the dealer to pass on the lease cash incentive? One particular Subaru dealer doesn’t seem willing to give that up.


Yes, I would expect it passed on. Usually it gets rolled into the discount rather than itemized. If a dealer wants to keep the lease cash, they can also keep the car. Move on to a dealer that’ll do the deal you want.

Simply: yes