2021 RAV4 questions after going to the dealership. Detailed sheet included

.OK, I been searching on this forum for a 2021 rav4 XLE gas AWD for a few weeks now. got a few quotes from brokers which only thing I got back is monthly around $380.
Last Thursday I called a dealership manager who posted on this forum. He gave me better numbers over the phone, so today I went there to see him. I was given the following sheet at end of the discussion.

After I got home, I tried to put in most numbers into calculator.
I don’t know how to input Customer Cash $1892.12 which was applied to fees. Is it taxed incentives or untaxed? Anyways, I feel the deal is bad due to selling price is only 4.3% off. I found a few similar MSRP XLE selling around 27K+.
worksheet is for tier 2 as I pointed out to the salesperson, thus MF is high too. edmunds MF is about 0.0014. for tier 1.

My questions:
is the total monthly payment of $340.29, does it include taxes? leasehackr calculator came out to be $363.

although the leasehackrleasehackr calculator score of 7.7 yrs is bad. it still beat the broker’s quotes I got. or did I not think of something is off.

Thanks in advance.lease1

That is not a rebate, its cash from customer, meaning cash you pay due at signing. Says right here:

This is 340 per month with 1892 total due at signing (DAS). They call it “Inception Fees” but it’s cash you need to pay at inception, or DAS

They put tax in money due at signing, line 4 above.
I don’t see any rebates/incentives on that quote. Your residual is 67% (64 + 3 for miles adjustment).

Thanks I got it now the “CUSTOMER CASH” is the part I pay.

The deal keeps getting worse. I still can’t get the calculator to be $340 monthly.

This is about right. Needed to correct the fees and your residual value and correct the incentives.

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Last time I went to a dealer they quoted me XLE 3100 DAS with 444 monthly for Tier 1 LAMO. They were selling the car at MSRP, even after I asked if that’s the best they can do. I laughed and left :rofl:
So to me your deal already seems OK…

Look, most cars don’t lease well. Instead of looking for a needle in a haystack, look through what’s in the Marketplace and Shared Deals subs of this forum. That’s what you need to target.

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