2021 Mazda CX-30 Select Lease (please help me with numbers!)

New to leasing, what MF, residual, and lease or loyalty credits (if any) should I be looking for on a 2021 Mazda CX-30 Select 4dr, 36/10k, zip code 90042?


Wrong place to ask. Edmunds forums has that information.

Hi! I’ve been offered a deal to lease a 2022 Mazda CX-30 Select trim. 36 months, 10k miles, $3k down. Zip: 90042.

Is this a good offer? See attached the lease details. Thanks!

In 36 months of financing the same cash outflow would have paid $18K+ towards a $25K car.

Not good. Full msrp on a year old car, no rebates, don’t put money down as you could lose it, don’t know what buyrate is but that money factor seems high, and is that an additional $1800 in add-ons? With the $3k down that’s an effective of nearly $520 a month

As far as I know this car was released this month. Title says 2021 but the car you are quoting is a 2022

Yeah it’s the new 2022 model. They should be arriving at dealerships this month.

$430 a month After a 3k down? Might as well buy it.
You know a 60month will make it $465 with 0 down (plus interest which I don’t know what it is on a mazda)?

ie, this is pretty bad

I’ve managed to negotiate it down to $380, after removing the insurance. That’s still after putting 3k down though.

Buy this car instead of lease it….or find another car.
You’re still at an effective payment of $463.

Over 36 months you will pay $16,680.

You can finance a $25,000 car for 72 months for ~$375/month.

Compare apples to apples, that’s a 30k car after TTL, his lease price includes TTL.
Assuming a 3% finance rate this is a $454 which is still better than his lease deal.

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If he’s putting $3,000 down that more than covers TTL.

But yes…with $0 down still a better deal.

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this car is not worth leasing for 3k down at that monthly, you shouldn’t be putting anything down at all. I don’t know the MF for this model but it looks cranked to the max.

just buy it, preferably from a different dealer that doesn’t have all of the extra bs addons.


Another dealer has offered me this. He hasn’t taken it above the MSRP. Money factor: .00245 Residual: $17,205.50

well if you really need that CX-30 , then that’s probably the best deal you are going to get.

But it still is a bad deal.
Why not look at a Toyota Corolla Cross? Cody’s got that for less then 400 with 1k down.

Why would you lease that vs purchase at that price?

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