2021 M550i Special Order


I’m finally ready to sign, but wanted some last minute advice on this deal.
2021 M550i
36 Months
Base MF Confirmed
No MSD’s
MSRP: $88,845.00
Discount: $8,884.00
Rebate: $1,000
Trade Equity: $5,706.00
DAS: $3,500
Monthly Payment: $707.00

I love the car, spec’d out how I want it. The discount seems good, equity in my current lease is GREAT. There are no tax breaks on lease trade in where I live (I’m not sure if that is common/uncommon). I’m a payment shopper. I feel like it’s a good deal, but the effective monthly is still high.

The sales person says they have nothing left, seems fair. They also told me if the incentives are better in Dec I can jump on those and if they are worse I’m locked into the better deal.

What say’s the hackr’s?

Are you getting a check for your trade?

I am not, trying to get the payments as low as possible on this.

10% pre-incentive discount at base MF is about as good as you’ll get right now on a custom order, so the overall deal looks good.

That said, are you applying 100% of the trade equity as a down payment? If yes, don’t do that.

Use the $5,706 to cover your $3,500 DAS, then have the dealer cut you a check back for the balance.

Thanks for your input. I’m wondering if applying the $5700 as MSD’s would be a better use of that money?

I would def use that for msd


Let me have them run the numbers. Thanks!

Trying to work the payment down as much as possible.