2021 Kia Stinger GT2 AWD (lease buyout)

Is this a good deal assuming immediate buyout in the first month?

MSRP: $54,560
Sale price: $50,190
Rebate: $6700
Cap: $44,100

Residual: 55%
Monthly base not including finance charge: $587

14,094 depreciation
30,008 residual


What are the purchase incentives? Stingers used to be good candidates for immediate buy out because of the significantly better lease incentives. That only makes sense if there is still a difference in incentives.

It’s $6700

For purchase and lease?

It’s lease cash. The $44,100 cap cost is after after dealer fees but before tax

How much is the purchase incentive?

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Can’t answer this question without more info.

:point_up::point_up::point_up:What they said.

@nyrt4r - I found this offer on Kia’s website:

The best cash offer is $2500 but it isn’t stackable with the lease cash incentive which is $6700.

Have you checked autobytel for purchase incentives?

Of course not. Have you run purchase numbers on this car? How long do you plan to keep it? More than 5 years? If you don’t plan to keep it for more than 3 years, just lease it.

I’m planning on keeping it long term as a daily driver. I’ve found a 2018 but with the 2021 a few thousand more with the original 10 year warranty I’m not sure what to do. The only feature I’d really miss on the 2018 is the 360 camera.

So you are asking the wrong question. If you plan on buying, the MF, monthly, RV, and all those other leasing factors are meaningless. All that matters is comparing the out the door cost of the lease vs that of the purchase. Don’t complicate it any more than that.

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For a while, the most cost effective way to purchase a stinger was to lease it and then buy out the lease immediately due to the huge delta between purchase incentives and lease incentives and the sky high mf, so the strategy here at least made sense years ago. The problem is one can’t just assume that is still the case. The mf here is not sky high, so it’s very unlikely there is good reason to buy this out immediately vs waiting to lease end. One would need to work out the actual purchase costs to see if it would make sense to lease to buy at all vs just buying though. It’s unlikely, given the current mf, that the right answer here is to lease and then immediately buy out the lease though.

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