2021 Kia Sorento S FWD Deal Feedback


@nammo, as someone shopping the same segment, look at the dimensions of the CX-9 - it’s a full 10 inches longer than the Sorento. The CX-5 is more comparable in size, as is a Volvo XC-60, but neither have a third row. VW Tiguan has an optional third row.

Let’s be honest, the cx9 doesn’t have a third row either. It has some obstructions that block the view out the back, but I wouldn’t dare call them “seats”.

For such a large exterior, the cx9 does an amazing job of having no room inside.


I agree, the CX-9 has surprisingly inefficient design when it comes to room for storage. But regardless of which car we decide to purchase, the 3rd row will always be down, giving more space.

Even with the 3rd row down, the cx9 storage are is hopelessly impractical for what it is, due to a high load floor, tapering rear glass and narrow rear opening.

I replaced my wife’s cx9 with a honda passport and have more useful storage space, even though it isn’t a 3 row vehicle.

Why not look at 2-row SUVs? It will be cheaper and you won’t waste the cubic volume of folded third row seats.

Which other cars would you suggest? I might have overlook other brands.
We like the way the Sorento and the CX-9 look. Not a fan of these cars (for various reasons):

  • Honda SUVs
  • Toyota SUVs (after we test drove them).
  • Hyundai SUVs
  • Nissan SUVs

Look through the Marketplace and Shared Deals sections, and pick something you like.

Recommendations from strangers are often useless precisely because of personal preferences like you stated.

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With everything I have seen from the sorento, I can’t fathom considering the cx9. With that said, I hated ours, so anything would be an improvement over the cx9. More telling though was that my wife hated ours, and she couldn’t care less about cars.

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