2021 Kia Seltos

So glad I discovered this forum prior to making my 1st lease. I’ve been looking at the new Kia Seltos EX due to all its AWD, size, & many features at a low price point. Several factors make leasing feel smarter to me right now over buying, but I may choose to purchase at the end of lease if I like it. I’ve sought price quotes from 9 dealers in OR & WA. Being as this model is brand new and just now showing up at dealerships, I assume I might be at a disadvantage. But should I expect to get outrageously high quotes? (I’ve also had both $505 and $389/mo with $0 DAS, both MF .00223). For the one below, I’m not sure why there are seemingly random additions and subtractions of fees. Thoughts?

MSRP: $26,695
Sale Price: $26,409.79
Monthly Payment: $352.48
Drive-off Amount: $0
Months: 36
Annual Mileage: 12,000
MF: .00183
Residual: $16,550.90 (62%)
Incentives: $1600 (from Kia)

LH Calculator Link

For this price, I’m curious about other vehicle options (Subaru Forester, Volvo XC40, Honda CR-V, Toyota RAV4, etc) that a broker may be able to help with. Or is that hopeless/naive in the PNW?

This model is so new I wouldn’t expect a good lease deal on it now.

ETA: for anyone looking to ultimately buy the car, I usually recommend not leasing and thus avoiding the acq fee, often high MF and any purchase option fee at the end. To keep payments low, one can look into “payment saver” loans from Credit Unions

That is marketing trickery for PenFed’s balloon loan program through AFG. They do charge an acq fee but it’s buried into a slightly higher APR that are usually in the 4-4.5% range so .00164-.00186 range. The RVs are very low (straight ALG) so the payments don’t usually compete with a lease on the same term. And they don’t qualify for any lease rebates. You do get the retail cash rebates but so do non-captive leases. You’d be better off doing a 48 or 60mo lease in most cases.

I’m new to leases, but I’ve seen Kia dealers advertise $270/month $0 DAS for 39 months @12k/year or $200/month $2700 DAS for 39 months @12k/year for the AWD LX. I’m in Oregon.

These seem like great deals for advertised leases of small SUVs.