2021 Kia K5 Lease


I know folks say dont go into the dealer but I wanted to see how much legroom I had in the K5. Currently have a 17 Forte lease that is up at the end of November. Wanted to share the deals they offered. My Forte has a dent in the rear bumper and that is why the offer for the trade in was given, payoff is at 8k. I did enjoy driving the car but for that price I feel I could get more car with a little more legroom.

What exactly is protected vs non-protected? First time I’ve seen that on a sheet as such…

I’m guess it’s lease protection/wear and tear coverage that they’re trying to sell there with their default template and it just wasn’t included here

Oh I see. I’ve leased several times and not once have I seen something like that offered upfront like that. Usually they hound you at the end and signing to add stuff in.

Anyways, the car is at MSRP it looks like with a not so hot rebate, and it also looks like you’re putting $2k down to get that payment. Then you did a sheet with an equal in trade but it looks like they took $1k off the selling price? It’s hard to tell. I’m starting to smell bait and switch, especially since you can’t tell if the second sheet is with or without the stupid coverage protected plan like prior… it’s a little confusing. But it stands true, new models lease like crap immediately.

$992 in accessories?

What does Kia think this is, a telluride??

Add about $300 a month then you have yourself a base model telluride :joy:

If you don’t absolutely need a sedan … Kia Seltos leases pretty nicely even though it’s also brand new for 2021. Good incentives on base model.

Pretty sure you can find a comparable sedan like Accord, Sonata, Altima, Camry, etc for less

Got a new offer back from the dealer


Ive been looking into the Kia K5 GT-Line. These were the numbers I received from a dealership and these are the numbers that the calculator gave me. Its my first time using this site so im a bit lost lol I need a little help and opinions to know if this is the best option for me

these were the numbers that the leasehackr calculator gave me

You’ll want to start a new thread if you have a question on a lease, please don’t post on old threads as it annoys everyone.


its my first time using this page. how would I start a new thread? Thanks :slight_smile:

Go to “ask the hackers” section of the forum, click “new topic”.

thanks, but that doesn’t seem to be available for me ? could it be cause im new?

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Do that and then you’ll be able to create new topics

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thanks so much for your help !! :smiley: