2021 Kia K5 EX w Premium Package Deal Check

I don’t think you’re being a sucker, but have you seen what a comparably equipped Accord would go for? I think doing that (and then waiting to hear back from a few more dealers and seeing what Carvana, etc., will offer, all as others have suggested) may be enough for you to feel satisfied w/ your decision.

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I checked around on Carvana and Vroom and stuff. They’re much lower than $4500.

Another dealer came right out with their bottom dollar price (when I asked for 10%) and gave me ~6.3%. A lot better than the 3.1% I had yesterday.

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There you go, shopping around pays dividends. I always shop at least 5 dealers, if available. It’s shocking the variation you’ll get in pricing

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Now what you do is go to other dealerships knowing you gave a best of 6.3% and shoot for 8% around other places and see if they will bite

Do you think 10% off MSRP pre-incentive is possible for a K5 EX?

from what I’ve found in Michigan: No

I’m not the expert in this thread though

What were you seeing in Michigan? I am not in that area but might be a good benchmark

Easy to get 4%.

6.3% is the best discount I’ve seen from like 14-15 dealers

Thank you, hopefully the discounts increase as the year goes on

Negotiated a 3 year lease for parents. $32.5K MSRP. I was able to get 8% off MSRP before incentives. Final deal 328 w/ tax. Only 1st month and tax DAS. Boston region. There’s at least 5% margin in EX and about 3% holdback that you can negotiate on. Also check and see if they have coupons to apply. They’ll tell you this is “fast moving car” but its a sedan in a SUV-focused environment.