2021 Jeep Wrangler 4eX Northeast


Out of Ohio

Agreed. I’ve only had a few dealerships willing to work with me so far though.

Shipping to the midwest from one of the known A+ Jeep dealers is probably 2% of the MSRP (or perhaps less). So, some quick math might show that getting an 11% discount and a very low dealer fee is going to be much less expensive and far easier (as in you contact them, they give you that price on the first try) even if 2% of the discount goes to shipping.

9% net off beats 0% off :grin:

Anyone know how i could get a good deal down in LA… the closest dealer near me quoted 815pm with first month down.

Honestly, call the police!


I hate to do this to @Clutch , as I suspect they are getting a massive amount of inquiries, but they seem to be your best bet out west.

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Sorry LA- Louisiana

I’m not picking up what you’re putting down. Are you saying find a dealer out of OH and see if I can get a better deal then just have it shipped?

If you are striking out locally, that would be an easy approach✔️. You can get a 9-10-11% discount out of state without even negotiating.

Got ya! Honestly I might just try that approach tomorrow. Seems easier than what I have been doing haha

Was this on an in stock vehicle? If so, I’d grab it while you can.

Is it in PA or MIDWEST ?

yes it was in stock.

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I reached out to some dealers asking in the NE for 5 percent off. Will report back. Eager to make a deal quick. Looks like GA dealer won’t pan out based on the email I got…

Let me know how you make out. I’m looking to purchase one that is on the lot. I’ve tried everyone in NJ and only one was somewhat reasonable but not the vehicle options i wanted. Still looking…

Check the TN dealer I was able to order mine today and he honored all terms of OP’s post.

I finally found a deal that was half decent. $374 with 1k out the door. MSRP was just over 51K. All but 2 dealerships quoted me well over $500.

Was this on an in stock unit or order?

In stock. Heading over on monday to pick it up.

What state? What color did you get? At $51K I assume it was a soft top only.