2021 Hyundai Kona Night AWD Deal Check

How many Sonata, Accord, or Camry buyers give any cares as to which one does the best 1/4 mile?

The ones buying the most expensive trim levels that are “sport 2.0T” oriented. Or an N line oriented. You get more features with a limited than you do N line. Obviously those looking at N line are buying it for the motor.

Sonata N line
Camry trd
Accord 2.0T
Altima 2.0T

What’s the next question, big shot?

The point is that web influences don’t always reflect the actual market buying them, and that their ratings aren’t always actually relevant.

Why do I have a feeling you’re going to be answering questions no one asked?

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Guess you’ve never driven one? The 5-60 time is impressive and it feels a heck of a lot faster (more torque) than its rivals like the Accord in everyday driving.

But to each his own.

Real world testing. Just one of many videos I’ve watched.

Yes, and did you watch the 5-60 race where the Sonata won? Why post a video you didn’t watch?

Let’s race but only if we both start out at 5mph. Lol :joy: heard it here first.

Not bashing the car. It’s a beautiful car. Just slower compared to the competition in standard testing conditions. So I don’t understand why dealers think they’re gold, is basically what I was commenting on why they’re selling at msrp, if that makes sense.

Likely because people actually buying them don’t care that it’s slightly slower in a drag race and are willing to still pay the premium due to other merits.

Bruh why didn’t you text me.


  1. You said the N-Line is one of the slowest in the class. I said the Sonata is great 5-60. You proceed to post a video “proving” your point. The video proves mine.

  2. Most people don’t drag race. They drive the car in the real-world, where mid-range acceleration is more important (e.g., passing a car, spirited driving on twisty roads, etc.).

  3. You posted a video claiming that it shows the N-Line being slower, and yet it wins 1/2 races, and the last few minutes of the video is the host talking about how great the N-Line is on the track, and how it just “feels” faster than the Honda.

  4. I don’t know why you’re fighting a battle for a car you clearly haven’t driven. You came in here all hot and bothered for some reason.

At the end of the day, this thread was supposed to be about a Kona, so I’ll let it be.

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Welcome to the forum by the way.

I’ll let you have it. I’ve never seen someone fight so hard to back Korean cars. Clearly you need to win. So you win.

You might as well comment one more time to have the last word.

None of this matters. @ethanrs 's lambo is faster than all of the midsize sedans discussed above.


I diid text you about a Hyundai. Check the group chat.

Korean cars are rapidly improving and I’m here to back them all day every day!
:green_heart:, Andy

Going to sign this deal tonight after selling my wife’s VW to CarMax. Negotiated in person and left a deposit, so hopefully there are no magic shows with hidden tricks tonight.

Big edit: Actually turned out there was a miscommunication between us, but still happy with the result.

2021 Hyundai Kona Night AWD:
MSRP: $29,460
Selling Price: $26,359.95
Monthly Payment: $175 plus tax ($245/mo with Chicago tax)
Drive-Off Amount: $1500
Months: 36
Annual Mileage: 10000
MF: .00108
Residual: 60%
Incentives: $3900 ($3500 dealer cash plus $400 college grad)
Region: Midwest
Leasehackr Score: 11.5


Is that a typo? Nearly 40% tax?

Sadly, it looks about right. 20ish % tax applied to both the payments and the taxed incentives adds up here to a net ~33% effective tax rate. (Net lease cost with tax = ~$9200, without tax = $6900)

Just wait until you see how much I pay Chicago every month for my M4.

Here is the tax breakdown on the Kona

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