2021 Hyundai Kona EV Ultimate

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Under $300 is pretty good in this summer of horrible leases.
Especially for an ultimate.

Look up how to turn off the REVERSE VESS, unless you like sounding like a utility truck everytime you back up. Took me 10 minutes

And don’t wait till the last day, unless the car you want is gone.

Or the Flex cash might be gone.

Great deal assuming you can lock-in now and pick-up then.

If you are planning to take advantage of charge up rebate, it is becoming POS means point of sale and that the dealer will get that money directly from the state of NJ and is supposed to give you that discount on selling price as far as I understand.

There is no way a dealer will give you 11% plus discount, throw in 1500 flex cash and still give the 5K rebate from the state but I could be wrong and you are a way better negotiator.

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We aren’t in need of a car, but we can get out of a Jetta lease with about $2,500 in our pockets. Is this worth committing to based on that or do you think the dealer has more room?

There’s always room, but during this season of no cars, I doubt you are going to get anything on your own.

Call one of our brokers here and see if they can get you a better price.

Yes, I am planning to take advantage of that. Since the incentives don’t change until 7/6, all I am risking is the flex cash. The dealer confirmed the sale price of the car will be held less $1,500. I’m not sure how the new program will work either. I have reached out to the state and the responses they give are to go onto the site.

They locked in everything except the flex cash. They said “we will give it to you if we still have it”. That’s $1,500.

Yes, they said that.

Any suggestions for brokers in NJ?

I don’t know anyone personally…but here


If you’re confident your net cap cost will decrease by $3,500+ (5k state rebate less losing $1,500 flex cash if it runs out), then wait til July.

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