2021 Hyundai Kona EV Limited - $344/mth with just $344 and DMV due at signing. 36/10K - NJ

This is a deal only for NJ and NY customers who reside here and have a driver’s license from either one of the states. Can’t replicate it for out-of-area customers due to state-specific incentives.

Broker Fees - $500

The Deal is for a Brand new 2021 Kona Electric Suv in Limited trim.
$344 per month with just first month due at signing plus DMV for NJ residents.

NY residents pay taxes on it so the monthly is slightly higher and will be around $355/mth

This is a fully electric car with 258 Miles of range.

No loyalty or anything specific is required to get the deal. All you need is to be a resident of NJ or NY

The car is nicely equipped with Leather interior, Sunroof, Blind Spot Monitor, Apple Carplay etc.

Most colors are available to choose from.

Contact me by clicking on my user name and sending a PM with your zip code, which color and trim you want along with miles required and I will send a specific quote.

The car is available so don’t message asking if its still available, Once its not available or I cannot get the car at the listed price, I will update the 1st post accordingly





What’s your contact info.

Interested please provide contact info

Interested if this is still Available. What’s your contact information?

Black Friday Special for Hyundai Kona EV

If the car is picked up by this weekend there will be another $500 discount which brings us to below numbers.

The Monthly for a 43,500 MSRP unit with Limited trim drops to $344/mth with 1st Mth and DMV due at signing.

NY state charges tax on EV but gives a $2000 rebate which gets the same car to around $355/mth.

Broker Fees of $500

We have most colors available.

Click on my user name to Contact me by sending a Personal Message with your Zip code, Miles required and phone number.

Please don’t message asking if its available, the post will be updated once its not available so if you read the 1st post advertising the deal, the car is still available.

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