2021 Honda Pilot SE AWD

Hey guys! So this car has been on the lot for about 180 days and I just financed a Honda Accord from them so trying to get the best deal so this was their start. But it seems like they a finance break down for that says $668 the second page was them saying they were going to check with a credit union instead and see if we get in a better tier which my wife’s credit is over 800. It also seems like all they did was move over $3394 to the residual to get the payment down to $613.

What you guys think I can do? They also have 2 of the color we want both 180 days on the lot and 4 more Pilot SE on the lot with less time on the lot.

With insane pricing like that, it isn’t surprising this hasn’t sold in 180 days.

Run far and fast.


Care to elaborate? What insane pricing if it’s MSRP? Another dealer I went to had almost $4000 attached to it.

What’s insane pricing?

$668 a month lease for a 42K Honda Pilot

Unless the Wheel Locks are 24K solid gold

I am scared to ask about the Honda Accord


Ok well that’s the reason I’m here for help. Not people to just gawk at the price make a comment about it and don’t make a suggestion. For that don’t say anything. I know the monthly is high but as a said another Honda dealer had the price marked up $4000 in bogus fees. They said they would take care of the wheel locks as it’s a dealer add on and not from the manufacturer.

It’s a blank slate price of MSRP, Delivery and minus the wheel locks in the end. There’s no incentives at the moment in my area. Edmunds said $1750 customer cash but when I look it up I don’t see anything in my area. So just looking for opinions on what would someone else do. Demand a dealer discount being it’s the end of the month and it’s a car that’s been there a while or just walk away and see if they come with something better. I though somewhere along the lines of $525-$550 would be good sign and drive.

My only thing is I don’t have a trade in and the one my wife wants is AWD being we live upstate. But yours is in the $400s and the add ons you put kind of make up for the AWD slightly so I though around $525-$550 would have been somewhere fair.

Do you have to lease something or is purchasing an option?

Are you negotiating and getting offers BEFORE you walk into a dealer?

This is totally irrelevant. I’m giving you a data point for comparison of pre-incentive discount. The monthly payment doesn’t matter.

The point is that your at msrp deal (which may be over msrp if the lease cash is actually being absorbed) is $5k off a comparable deal from a few days ago. That’s a good indicator that there is a lot of room for improvement.

I went in and this is what he printed up for me and I let him know I know it’s been there a while and they also have like 4 other colors besides the white my wife wants. So a total is 6 on the lot. The second page when it came down to $613 that’s him checking with a credit union for a better “tier” but all I see is $3300 moved to the residual.

I’m willing to purchase if the deal is there. In the page with the $668 lease payment you look above he has it at $718 a month for 72 months with their special 2.9%.

Given the current market conditions, this should be a gigantic red flag.

I’d suggest you walk away from this dealer, spend some time working out what an appropriate target deal given the current market actually is, and then engage a new dealer.


The residual is one thing that absolutely can’t change assuming same car. That’s one of the few things the dealer can’t jack with…

It can if you change banks

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good point, but that’s a huge change

Are you sure you know what you are buying? The 1st sheet is for a 2022 Pilot. The 2nd sheet is not for the same car as the 1st sheet, that’s why the MSRP and RV don’t match.

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You’re right we were comparing the new model to the 2021. But I posted the wrong quote this is the 2021 but still $688. Then the $613 one was when he changed banks and the residual dropped by $3300

Do some homework on the Marketplace. Plenty of NEast and NY broker listings for Honda and they look a lot cheaper than that painful sheet the dealer provided you when you walked into the showroom.

2021 Pilots seem to be one of the few midsize SUVs being discounted a few grand from MSRP (also look at Mazda CX-9?).

Check Edmunds forum to validate the Pilot MF and “known” lease cash local incentives ($1750 lease cash??) by your zip code and desired trim level.

In short, the resources are here on the forum. You need to do some homework for an hour to save a few grand now and in the future


Yikes. I would definitely take the advice of the people on this forum. It seems like you are trying to convince yourself that this is the only deal you’re going to get. I would move along from that dealer and continue to search. It took me 4 months of searching to get a decent deal in this market.

In general, Honda lease cash is a direct to dealer incentive, not a customer incentive. So if Edmunds is reporting that for your zip code on this make, model and trim it is up to the dealer to pass that cash onto you. It’s at their discretion, they do not have to do it but you also can insist on it and refuse to sign a deal that does not include it. It would most likely be reflected in the discount on the lease sheet, not as a separate rebate. I also believe that it’s not taxable since it’s an incentive that is direct to the dealer, not you. Also, if this is a NYS dealer why is the dealer doc fee $175? It’s small potatoes compared to the rest of this but NYS dealer doc fees are capped at $75.00 by law.

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Thanks for the info I’ll bring up the lease cash and if they would be able to do something. Didn’t know that about the $175 he did say NY capped at $175 because a place in Jersey was trying to charge me $599. So I’ll have to ask if he was “mistaken”.