2021 Honda Accord LX or Sport 1.5 lease (help me with numbers please)

Hi, new to leasing. What money factor, residual and lease or loyal credits should I be looking for in a honda Accord LX or Sport 1.5? 4door, 18k/ year, 36 months, 08016 (new Jersey)

This is a question for the edmunds forums.

Having current, accurate information for residual value, money factor, and incentives is important in understanding your deal. As such, going directly to a source that has access to that data from the captive banks is your best option. The forums at Edmunds are where we go to get that information, as they have direct access to it from the captive banks. You’ll want to post in the model specific thread for the vehicle you’re interested in and request the most current numbers for your zip code. It is often easiest to find that thread by searching Google for “Edmunds lease” followed by the model of vehicle you’re interested in.

I’d also recommend spending a while doing some research on the basics of leasing. If you’re asking that question, you’re showing that you haven’t spent much time at all researching here. It is in your beat interest to take some time.

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18K miles per year :scream:

If you are looking at 18k/year - buy the car. Especially a brand like Honda where you will have good resale value down the road.

Thanks, I actually saw on a Youtube video that I should ask here first in case any car broker had the info and could reply, but I will do more research through edmunds forums, appreciate the comment.

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