2021 Honda Accord - $300 Month

What do you guys think of this deal. I don’t have the money factor but this is a deal I was going to sign on Monday.

Keep in mind this car is in Texas and we don’t get truly the best deals always on leases.

YMM: 2021 Honda Accord Sport Special Editoon
Monthly: $300
DAS: $300
Mileage: 10k a year

Edmunds has this for the information:

.00092 MF and 62% residual
$500 incentive

Here is the information

Attached a picture. Love the color!


Take it.

Some might tell you to shop it around but why punish a dealer who gives a fair offer right off the bat


That is pretty good with tax credit!

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Oh it took some work :joy:

Literally, back and forth $5 at a time.


Yeah but better than the type who offers nothing and keeps saying “I’ll beat the others”


Def jump on that…post pics when you take delivery

Cargo tray, wheel locks, and splash guards for $799, they have to make money somehow especially others say it’s a good deal.

Tell me about it. I read that and was gonna say, take it all off but i didn’t wanna push.

Thought was a great deal, but wanted to verify.

Here is a a picture




Great color!

Thanks everyone. Gonna go today and pick it up at 4 and finish signing.

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Post some delivery pics when you do! Enjoy the new Honda!

Sharp color! Similar to the Sonic Grey on the Civic and CRV.

Congrats. Good deal.

New color this year for the Accord? Very nice!


Yes! New color. I love it. Got it tinted today and looks even better.

Here is a picture!


Love the tint!

Could you post a censored contract for future hackrs!

Beautiful car. Is this the 1.5L or 2.0 L Sport? I got the 2000 LX in Brooklyn, NYC (we do not get good deals here) for $285/month 10k/36. Zero down