2021 ford explorer rebate help

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I’m looking to put together a deal for a 2021 Ford Explorer XLT 4WD. Ford Credit offers a 24 month/19,500 mile per year which suits my family’s needs perfectly. I got the residual value (59%) as well as the interest rate (0.15%) from edmunds. Edmunds hosts also told me there is $1,500 in lease cash & an additional $500 in bonus cash available. I noticed on the dealer’s website that there is $1,250 in “Ford Credit Retail Bonus Cash” and $2,000 “Trade In Assistance Bonus Cash.”

I understand the Lease Cash, Bonus Cash, & Trade In Assistance Bonus. Is the $1,250 Ford Retail Credit Bonus Cash for purchase only or can it be used towards a leased vehicle? Does anybody have any luck working recently (yes, I understand what’s going on with the chip shortage & vehicle shortage) with a Ford Dealer in the NY/NJ/CT region (I live in Southern CT near the NY border) but am willing to travel

Thanks everyone in advance for your help. If I don’t make any headway “hacking” the lease on an Explorer, I qualify for X-Plan which might be the way to go if dealers aren’t receptive.

Anytime you see an incentive marked “retail”, it’s a purchase incentive.

Thank-you! Hopefully I’ll have something to post in SHARE A DEAL.

24 month/19,500 with 59% RV…that’s interesting to me.
Can you confirm the MF? 0.15% seems off
Ford Credit contract?

That’s the info I got from Edmunds (a trusted source). Ford uses an actual APR instead of a money factor. In this case, 0.15% equals a .0000625 money factor.

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