2021 Ford Bronco's Six Trim Levels Explained

Plus you get all the reliable FCA electronics


Hellcat Wrangler as soon as Ford puts the 5.0 in the Bronco.

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Its an interesting question. How much cross shopping do Jeep and Ford buyers do? Ford loyalists are gonna eat this up, and I think they will siphon some buyers who just want a “fun” vehicle. But the Jeep loyalists are gonna be tough to snag (unless they are offering a significant conquest incentive at some point). The aftermarket support alone is what does it. It will take years for the Bronco to achieve that kind of support from third parties.

There hasn’t been a true Jeep Wrangler competition till now.

Ford announced bunch of (200+) accessories & 3rd parties are going to be next… So I think it will be interesting to see how they compete

Mostly for the same reason that there isn’t a true Raptor competitor: manufacturers didn’t think it was worth the cost to develop something that was probably only going to chip away a few percentage points of market share from the original.

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If all of a sudden I became independently wealthy, that’s my vehicle, the Raptor. And as far as loyalists, all brands have them, be it tacos, broncos or wranglers, you get volume with something that’s hot, this thing looks hot

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I’ll say this: if the Bronco is as capable as it appears to be, it will definitely win some people over in a test drive situation thanks to the suspension being something that’s not out of the 19th century.

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I’m not sure what’s going on but when ever I go out, I see at least 10 different Wranglers. I’m in Brooklyn NY, but it seems like every one has one now. My daughter is 14 and she already asking for one when she turns 16.

I want the white special OJ edition bronco :sunglasses:


I think Ford is going to try to push this as much as possible to ensure that it can get as much of the Jeep marketshare as possible.

Just how back in the day in the era of sedans, SUVs were something people saw as cars to stand out from the crowd.

Just noticed, every bronco video I watch on YT is followed by a New Jeep Wrangler Ad that uses horses “Broncos” and the intro looks like it’s an Bronco ad. So I think Jeep realizes the threat…

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I think they would be foolish to underestimate it. I’m all for some competition in the segment. I just think it’s kind of funny that Ford is referencing the “Long and storied history” of a brand that has been out of production almost as long as it was produced. And then they not so subtly tried to take credit for the original military Jeep as a way to establish more off road cred. I’m really curious to see how aggressive they get with these. I think it’s a foregone conclusion that they will almost all sell with dealer markup the first few months, if not longer. After that it will be interesting to see how much market share they want to try and take via incentives, etc.

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Hopefully Toyota will bring back FJ or similiar to compete with these two.

Toyota future vehicle roadmap was leaked recently & had no mention of FJ type vehicle. Plus with COVID crisis, I doubt they’ll be allocating capital to “new” projects that quickly.

Toyota’s biggest competitor is itself, new Taco’s and 4runner’s will be out soon enough

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I really like vintage cars and to me these modern-day retro designs feel really lazy… like they basically took a first gen Bronco and basically just added modern lighting

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There is mention of Tundra & 4runners but haven’t heard anything about the new Taco.

Hopefully something comes by '22

Will be fun to cross shop all the options