2021 etron SUV Premium Plus - Lease Calculator vs. Dealer quote

Negotiating a deal on an etron suv Premium Plus. Waiting on dealer to send me quote details, but the payment they quoted over the phone this morning was $150 higher than I’m getting in the lease calculator, yet all of the key figures, discount, incentives, MF, RV, etc. match what he quoted me. I had the calculator be off be a few dollars, but never that much.

Here’s the calc link. Am I missing anything or does anything look off?

One missing factor could be what is DAS… and are you doing MSD… also btw that MF is jacked up …so eats into the discount with base MF

No, no MSDs and the DAS he quoted was $2,000 vs. my $1,584. Yes, they are certainly marking up that MF and I’m still trying to negotiate that down.

That puts you about $5k apart. That usually is a result of them including incentives in the selling price you think are separate.

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Thanks Matt, I think you were right, although I’ll never know since the dealer now refuses to send me a revised lease worksheet, and will only tell me the payment is still $850. Definitely time to move on when they are NOT being straightforward and honest. Fortunately, another dealer closer to home called me back this afternoon and came through with a decent deal on what was our first color choice. Patience and persistence pays off if you know your numbers and trust the process.

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