2021 Dodge Chrysler Jeep and Ram Lease Deals in New Jersey!

How do you handle Affiliate pin. Are you honoring 1% below invoice?

Yes, As long as you have the affiliate control number, and necessary proof such as work ID, etc.


He will have no problem selling just released popular Suv in this market . Most LH folks are tough but reasonable customers and certainly understand supply and demand.


Are you doing 4XE factory orders?

Yes we are! If you have a build from the Jeep.com website you can email it to me at MoparMike@NielsenDodge.com. We’ll put it through to ensure there are no factory restrictions with your build, and once we get that set we can proceed to the next steps.

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Emailed you, curious if you can match the other dealers. As in here TLDR; HOW TO GET A GOOD WRANGLER 4XE Deal

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Please post what you are doing for factory orders on the 4xe. A large number of Northeast folks have already ordered from far out of state to get 8%/9% off msrp at buy rate. You’d likely do very very well if you were able to jump in that bandwagon.


Looking for a Jeep Wrangler Willy”s Unlimited with soft top

Text me at 973-970-8156 and when I am back in the office tomorrow I’ll see what we have.

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This 100%. If I didn’t have to order out of state…


I’d be interested, about to place an order out state.

Likewise, dealer is 30 minutes (on paper) from Newark Liberty.

I just double checked with my management this morning. They are temporarily not doing affiliate pricing on in stock units because of our extremely limited inventory. They said they will be happy to place an order for the same build or custom build for an affiliate client at the affiliate pricing. Wranglers are generally taking 5-7 weeks right now from the factory.

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Hello, please contact me directly at 973-970-8156 so we can discuss what you are looking for.

i have a $5000 trade in

anyway to get me to $500 month for a 55k msrp one?

what vehicle are you talking about?

grand cherokee l limited $55kish msrp

location: pa

Of course they’d be happy to do that!

This is why NJ dealers (mostly GM/FCA) suck. Sorry, just being brutally honest. Nobody here is going to order a Wrangler for that deal when they can go to other brokers or dealerships for thousands less.


Not as of the moment.