2021 Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid $447+tax 36/12 $1000 DAS

Hybrid Touring L
Uconnect theater and safety sphere group
MSRP ~49600
Discount: $0, lucky to find one without market adjustment and the color we want
MF: 0.0015 buy rate
Residual: 51%
Incentives: $13,500

Monthly: $447+tax


Thats a good deal these days. Carmax is selling the same vehicle (used) with 2k miles for $50k+.


Good deal. What’s the breakdown of the incentives?

1000 email coupon
7500 tax credit
750 FCA bonus cash
2750 loyalty
1500 clean fuel reward


Are you sharing a signed deal or asking for feedback on an unsigned negotiation?

Already signed

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Great deal. Would you be prepared to share the dealer?

Congrats - post pics!

Great deal - able to beat the target % but not replicable


It’s actually $1 per month over your non-sensical target %

You did well! Minivans were never good lease deals pre pandemic certainly not now so I say you did great

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They are sold out for now but yes I’ll pm you the dealer

Ha if you change to 36/10 then it’s under the target%

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I would also like to replicate your deal. Did you work with a broker or direct with the dealer?

Solid deal! I’m hoping to get something similar in FL.

How did you go about getting the email code?

Congrats. This sounds like a solid deal.

How do you take $7,500 tax credit on a lease?

Lender passing it on as a CCR

Dealer where I bought my Pacifica is now marking these up $5k due to low supply