2021- CHEVY Tahoe LT - Rate my Lease - NY

Dealers are doing what they normally do. Play games. Need help deciphering dealer talk. I know the prices is not great,but look at it for what it is. Thanks in advance.

Looking at this lease deal. Calculator is not exact ,but close to what is being offered now. Screenshot attached is what the dealer said their site is accurate, until their numbers vs the site were off by 40 a month. I’m looking for 36/10 with taxes etc down. they’re mentioning that the site is adding a 4171 cap cost and that’s not being honored. I don’t understand how that number is effecting the price,but not on breakdown.

Are you certain on the RV and MF? Is that what the dealer gave you? Edmunds seems to be reporting 00145 and 61%.

Are you looking at this deal for what it is? Because it’s garbage.

The fine print says something about the lease being thru Teachers Fed CU

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Your best bet will be to find out if you qualify for a supplier code somehow and get a dealer to honor it in the current market. They are worth several thousands on these. Combine that with the Costco private offer and the $500 lease loyalty/conquest incentive and that’s probably about as good as you are gonna get right now. I don’t see why they would steer you to the Credit Union program since there don’t seem to be any purchase incentives it could take advantage of, the MF is only marginally better and the RV is actually a point lower.

If you can stack the Costco incentive with loyalty or conquest and can get a supplier code you’re probably looking at something like this with taxes and fees up front only. The supplier code seems pretty consistent in shaving about 3 grand off the selling price on these. It’s still a lot of money but almost 100/mo less. I’m not sure how much better you could do right now given the way the market is.

Where would I search for a supplier code? I’ve heard of them ,but not sure who to ask or what rock to look under? Thanks


Find out if your employer participates in the program. They also offer separate programs for military, college, educator, etc.

They use the web calculator for the “Most accurate pricing” then submit to GM financial after agreeing on a price. What would make this deal better? Not room for a lot of negotiation out there. Dealers I’ve called won’t budge because cars are selling before they get on the lot. Also sucks that I don’t have loyalty with chevy or any other incentive for them to honor. Would like to know if in my position looking for a large suv in this market how would you structure this deal? I’m in a similar boat with a ford expedition.

This is a nonsensical statement that’s either being made to mislead you or by someone that just doesn’t know what they’re talking about.

The dealer is either charging you a markup or leasing through a different bank with worse terms.

Thanks unfortunately these are the only eligible cars for supplier discounts


  • Blazer
  • Bolt EUV*
  • Bolt EV*
  • Camaro
  • Equinox
  • Malibu
  • Silverado 2500HD
  • Silverado 3500HD
  • Spark
  • Trailblazer
  • Traverse
  • Trax

Where did you get that from? They have supplier pricing listed for the Tahoe if you build and price or search inventory on the supplier site.

ahhh 2022 is excluded 2021 are included. Would it work for a family member?

Move to a strategy of making offers.

Plug the following into the LH calculator after MSRP of the vehicle you’re looking at:

Selling price based on % pre-incentive discount found by searching Shared Deals and Marketplace sections of this forum.

RV, MF and incentives (lease cash) from Edmunds forums. Add any extra rebates you qualify for (college grad, etc) under incentives.

DMV fees and taxes based on your state’s official website.

Voila! Now check the box to make it $0 DAS and offer the resulting monthly payment*

  • preferably rounded to a multiple of $5 or $10 to make yourself seem more like a normal person :innocent:

Depends. Possibly if they are in the same household. People who have used a supplier code in the past year I believe are able to gift one to someone else as well.

well, just so happens I have a family member who just purchased a chevy using the gmsupplier programs. Now I have an authorization number to apply to these garbage deals🙌. Thanks @ElectricEliminator for brining that to my attention. Submitted my number to the dealer for their final deal

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This is how I’ve been reaching targeting dealerships. None want to play ball. They scoff everytime I say I’d like to make and offer. I’ll keep up this strategy up so thanks for the reinforcement!

Just make sure you are getting the appropriate discount from them. I’d try to find that exact Tahoe on the supplier website and see what the discount is listed as so there is no confusion. You can try to push for more but that currently sounds like a bit of an exercise in futility with the way the market is at the moment.

I would also insist on a lease through GM Financial or find a dealer who will accommodate you. There’s no compelling reason to use a credit union here. If anything based on the disclaimer on that sheet you posted it is worse because of the higher bank fee. Groovecar/Teachers Credit Union are also known for being less forgiving at lease disposition too. I don’t know if their disposition fee is higher or not.

Didn’t know they had a Costco rabate on Tahoe and Suburban this month. I though it was only on Bolts.