2021 Chevy Bolt LT $200 lease on 36/10K with $0 down

Hi all,

I lined up a deal for a Chevy Bolt LT in NY but could not go through with the deal due to logistics (no easy way for me to get it to SC).
Hope another leasehackr can take advantage of this deal.

Deal was worked by Dan Jackson of https://www.chevroletofsmithtown.com/ at Saint James, NY.

This deal was stacked with the Costco rebate and with SC taxes.

Did you look into shipping the car? Also, you may want to double check your provided link.

Do you have the worksheet by any chance?

Sorry don’t have the worksheet to share. Dealing with Dan was over the phone and then email quote with actual build sheet.

Note that 2022 just came out and listed on various dealer websites so I would call your local dealers who have a 2021 LT and try to get this deal. I’ll be calling my local dealer who have a 2021 LT with the same MSRP as the dealer in smithtown.

Has anyone been able to get this lease somewhere else? I live in Ohio and I’m looking at getting into a bolt.

Are you able to find a 2020 in your area? I was able to get a lease on a 2020. 36/12k. $0 down. (I paid the drive off for taxes, title/registration, and 1 month). My monthly is $166/month including tax.

That’s a pretty good deal especially with the extra miles. Where were you able to get that at?

I’m in socal.

That makes sense

what dealer did you go to for this, i’m also in socal

Camino Real Chevy in Monterey Park. But I literally took the last 2020 they had.