2021 camaro lt1

Been trying to work out a deal on the camaro LT1. So far this is the best I have and they aren’t really budging but I can’t seem to find out how to even get it lower. They did mention that MF is marked up making the payment 14 dollars more a month.

Even having trouble with dealers replying to emails on these damn cars lol

Just by looking at it I’d guess he has a full .001 of markup.


What is the inventory at the dealer?

This was the reply when asking about MF

If you’re asking is this vehicle at the dealer then yes it is. Why do you ask?

What vehicle do you have that is qualifying for the incentive? Is the bigger conquest rebate available in your zip code?

I think what he’s getting at is, if the dealer has very limited inventory on this particular car, they are less likely to deal.


No I have conquest but it’s for only 1500.

How many camaros does this dealer have? They are less likely to negotiate if this is their only Camaro.

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Same here, but I’ve cooled off on them anyway. As soon as the frenzy hit on these cars the dealers started ghosting me :-). I hadn’t even entered hacker mode before I got radio silence.

I checked the inventory in MA and most dealers don’t have more than 1 camaro. Bolts on the other hand, they have aplenty…

If you don’t have the enhanced conquest and only qualify for the $1,500 rebate you should insist on an “adjusted selling price” of $36,888.68. If you have a supplier code you should push for an “adjusted selling price” of $36,263.08. Insist on the base money factor.

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Is there anyway to get a supplier code? Sorry first time leasing with GM

you have to work for a company that has supplier status with GM.

If there is one place you can get a good deal on a Camaro, it ought to be MN in the winter :snowboarder:

Amazed you got a response. My local sent the generic GSM email in response to my inquiry and had a brief call with the SA who said he would go look into it and now nothing for 4 hours…

Check if your employer is eligible. Or if you are a college student, recent graduate, military, first responder, educator, etc.


Sorry to derail the thread but your battery level makes me anxious.


Lol I’m at 4% now. I know it stresses me out too…didn’t charge my phone last night

Not eligible as self employed and wife’s a realtor