2021 Camaro LT1 - 39/10 - $37K MSRP $248+Tax/Month - First Only @ Signing - Includes Conquest, Healthcare, GM Card Bonus

Deal locked and secured (shared with some trusted hackrs as proof :slight_smile: )

Still a chance I may pass this on to a local hackr instead of taking it myself.

MSRP: $37xxx (Will fill inputs in below once its signed or passed on)
5.4% off
Base MF
Manual Tranny
Solid Options
Conquest/FR/GM Card

$248.xx/Month + Tax
First Only DAS

w MA Tax $263.47/Month w First @ Signing

Screen Shot 2021-01-19 at 4.11.53 PM


Take it, that’s probably the best hp/$ ratio in the history of leases.

1.75 hp per dollar.

Plus mass is so big you can make money off it when you swap out. Ez $3500


Can you negotiate on top of the hcw/first responder? Dealers were saying one or the other. Have conquest and first responder, but only have had suboptimal offers so far.

There’s a new fun metric we can use here…Monthly payment in $USD / SAE certified hp😁

Using that metric, this one is off the charts!

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Ahhh he beat my deal…such a one upper.


Competition improves the breed as they say :grin:

I did not!

Lower payment and much lower MSRP

The GM kicker for $1000 didn’t hurt either

This deal - $0.578 / hp
@spockvr6 deal - $0.727 / hp

I got smoked!

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Lower Msrp!

I am avoiding using the payment as a percentage of MSRP metric at all costs so getting creative with rhe other metrics😁.


Great deal! Those are truly the only options you need: 6MT, Dual Mode Exhaust, Rear Spoiler.

Also, pic or it didn’t happen :slight_smile:

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Haven’t signed/brought it home yet because I’m still convincing myself I need this.

@spockvr6 and @JD81 can vouch it’s real lol

Mine only has 1 of the 3…should I return it?

You need this as much as you need to binge Cobra Kai Season 3 in one sitting. Do it. DO IT.



Yes return it immediately and get the 6MT. It’s fantastic and ups your testosterone by 50pts. Or something like that :wink:

Im going to offer the counterpoint that I shall retain my naturally lower testosterone count, but reach the drs office for the testosterone shot 0.3 sec faster than my 6MT counterparts.


Tech package too–the 8in screen is a considerable improvement over base.

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I am at 0.72/hp too (tax included) so not horrible.

64.8c per hp on my latest auto. The manual you can get down closer to .50 for sure.

I want to play this game after we transfer for $3000 this summer. I’m
Thinking we will be profiting somewhere in the neighborhood of $3.30 per HP. That’s if we can give them up. I’m prob gonna keep one of mine!