2021 Cadillax XT6 Service Loaner; 24 month Lease

Investigating Cadillac lease on a 2021 XT6 Service Loaner

24 month lease
GMS/GM Employee Pricing
GM Financial Lease Loyalty
Costco Member ($1500 off Cadillac thru 3/1/21)
15K per year lease
Will probably absorb the 4,000 beginning miles (30K minus 4K beginning miles =26K miles allowed)

Looking for CCR, MF/lease rate (will probably request a 1-pay lease; reduces MF by .00042 on a 2 year).

Also looking to verify the DRAC/CTP/CTA service loaner rebate on the Cadillac XT6. Have seen $3,000 usually mentioned but also $4,500 advertised.


You’ll need to ask for the MF and RV from Edmunds forums for your zip

There is no set cap cost reduction, only what you choose to do.

GMF sometimes labels its lease incentives as “CCR”

Gotcha, that would make a bit more sense.

what did you investigate

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