2021 Bolt LT MSRP $40415 36/12 One Pay $8000 Los Angeles, California Advice Wanted

Hello, new to the board.

I’ve been reading allot! Thanks for everyone’s insight during the last 11 days I’ve been around. I live in Los Angeles. Best deal I can find and planning to purchase today is a one pay lease at $8000

As stated in the title 2021 Bolt LT MSRP is $40,415. 36/12

I only have Costco, I do not own a GM vehicle nor any other leased vehicles so I don’t qualify for many incentives.

Car just got off the truck yesterday, so it hasn’t been sitting on the lot.

Just wanted to check in with you specialists on what you think?

I know there are incredible deals in Northern California, However I’ve spoken with several dealers here in Los Angeles and surrounding areas and this is the best I can find by at least $750.

What do you guys think?

Thanks in advance

Just pick it up from @ethanrs

I’ve actually communicated with him. He currently has no stock, will not quote on individual deals. Only does his drops, and from what I’ve read based on the incentives he offers and I qualify for. This deal is better by far

Solid deal, wish I had inventory but this is around where I would be. Sign with confidence :cowboy_hat_face:


And I assume you contacted @chevysalesgirl too right?

So your total incentives are $8K? If so, this is about 13% off msrp, and is a solid deal. Lease Calc reveals all…

That’s whom I purchased the vehicle from! Tricia is a wonderful person to work with. Excellent demeanor, follow up skills, and communication is simple as can be. As others have stated, she works everything by email and text is completely upfront and the numbers you’re quoted are the numbers you receive. No upsell, no pressure. Probably the best experience I’ve ever had with an automobile sales person!


Actually I didn’t use the calculator. The MSRP was $40,415, they discounted the vehicle to $35,746. I was eligible for $9500 worth of rebates. So my one payment for 3/36 was $8000. I also qualify for an additional state rebate and will be filing the paper shortly for that as well. That will takeoff an additional $2000. Best of luck to anyone who wants to purchase a Bolt, I did a lot of research. And this was the best I can find based on the incentives that I qualify for. If you’re a current GM Lesee or owner of a newer model GM vehicle your deal can even be sweeter, along with having some type of supplier code. Which I did not have either.

If you got it from Tricia, then I will ASSUME you got the best deal and paid the best price you can for your incentives.

Give her a good review on the Sellers Forum!

I thought you’d posted that you were going to be able to get under $6k on 21 Premiers?

They changed incentives mid-month. At the start 2021 Premiers had a 47% RV and $15,500 of rebate.

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So does that mean the deals are even sweeter now? I’m not quite understanding. To help the community my post was for a 2021 Bolt LT

Wow it looks like when I leased back in early April was clearly the right time to strike on the 2021s. Things got much tighter since then and with the 2022s a deal like this is no way possible now!

You got a pretty solid deal. I just picked up one of the last of the 2020’s. They did offer me a 2021 with MSRP of $39790 with Onepay of $9050. That was the lowest they would go.

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