2021 BMW X4 deal check in Virginia

Is this a good deal on a new 2021 BMW X4?
Cash down is $1000 + 1st month.
All taxes(Virginia) and fees rolled into monthly payments.

MSRP of car, figure out selling price, rebates, etc.

Work out a LH calculator then you can see. Wheel and tire AND lease protection are adding about $64/month.

What is the lease protection?

Wear and tear

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Have loyalty?

That price for wheel and tire looks suspect. Make sure it includes cosmetic repair.

I figured I’d through them on for peace of mind since they were only $1k a piece and the wheels are 20”. I’ve never had a flat but I have hit 1 or 2 nasty potholes in DC since living here and don’t want to risk having to pay for brand new wheel/tire. I’m also fairly new to this so my calculations aren’t not adding up…

No loyalty. Suspect in what sense? But I don’t think it does cover cosmetic

Just the pricing since I know for a fact cost is higher than that on X4 including cosmetic.

Seems like a solid deal at 12% and Corp fleet, .0001 markup (Standard credit?)

Cmon let’s get real. Who’d want to pay $750+ for an X4?

Not even if it had an M as a suffix.

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You think I could do better in Virginia?

Hard to say. The first reply to your OP was to separate rebates from discount and get the actual selling price

Post a link to your best effort at a LH calculator