2021 Bmw X4 30i

Wondering if this deal is ok for today’s market?

Did you check with @Bacons_C.C to see what he can do for you?

I did but I believe he doesn’t have any at this time . Could be wrong though

I don’t understand that response, if you checked, you’d know for sure.

Considering the X4 does not seem well-loved, 6% off seems terribly low, IMHO.

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Maybe 1 poped up for him since I last spoke with him

Got a better deal with Bacon on a x3 40m last week. Hit him up. Not a lot of inventory. Don’t expect great deals.

Sweet x3. I’m working with him and he might have something for me. This picture looks lot like Florida.

It’s S FLO

Knew it . I’m in Coral Springs area

What was the deal on the x3m40? Looks great.

Another vote for Bacon for all your Bimmer needs in Sofla.

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