2021 BMW M550i in San Diego. $799 / mo (AFTER TAX), $89k MSRP, $5K Down + MSD's OR Selling for ~64.5k

REOPENED: I am ready to trade this vehicle to the right person. I am targeting $5,000 down + $5,600 MSD (refunded to you if you buyout the vehicle or if you wait till the end of the lease). I am in San Diego if you want to see the car in person. I already bought a new car (Toyota Tundra) and don’t plan to put much more mileage if I find a buyer.

Confirming: Also willing to sell for ~$64.5k (or current buyout price + $5k). This is definitely below market in Southern California). I request that the transaction is completed via AAA to make sure everything goes according to plan. Flexible if you prefer this! Definitely some equity in there for the right buyer.


Absolutely love this car but due to some changes at work - I need to do a ton of driving and am looking for a new DD!

See below for details on the car. The big thing for me was the driver assist + package for the ‘self driving’ as well as the Dynamic Handling package for the better ride quality / read wheel steering / etc. ALL miles are highway miles. Prepaid maintenance included until 36k.

Year, Make, Model, and Trim: 2021 M550i
Location: San Diego

MSRP: $88,650
Monthly payment (AFTER-tax): $799
Effective monthly payment (includes deposit): Close to $1,200 (calc’d by nyclife & ApexHunt below)

Current mileage: 35k
Maturity mileage: 45k
Effective miles per month: 714
Maturity date: 12/31/2023

MSD due (if any): $5,600
Cash due (if any): $5,000
Incentive for new lessee (if any): n/a
Residual Value: $49.6k

Financial institution: BMW FS
Transfer fee: Standard
Out-of-state transfer allowed (yes/no):

Vehicle condition (accidents, tire wear, etc.), options, and other details: Basically new



Dibs, Sent a PM will take at asking.

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Love the car. Insane payment. Gonna go instantly

So do you want offers a la a bidding war ?

Not an auction site. Figure out how much you want, then PM to reopen


Reopened at the request of the OP @WhiteCarBlackWheels

Hey im interested. I sent you a pm


Your effective payment is not 799/mo its like 1200

You are correct, I didn’t calculate the effective payment (it’s blank in my post). $799 is my after-tax, monthly payment to BMWFS.

It’s a template. The idea is to fill in all the blanks, not gloss over them in hopes no one is going to notice.

So the new effective $799 + (5000 + $500 transfer fee / 14) = $799 + 392.85 = 1191.85 or we could round up to $1200 like @nyclife mentioned.

Nice BMW by the way.

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No glossing over intended - I looked at a few other recent posts & mirrored their templates. I didn’t go ahead and calc the effective payment (this is a refreshed listing from earlier this year) but if it’s as much of an issue as you + nyclife are painting it to be - I’ll go ahead and update the original listing.

Thanks for keeping us all accountable!

Update - It’s now in the body of the message! Let me know if I can update anything else. Thanks again

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So $1,200 a month for 714 miles a month? Makes the recent $1 a mile 530 posting seem not so bad.


I believe It’s $799 plus tax for person assuming the lease?

No that is state dependant, CA applies on the monthly payments, so you’d take the pre-tax payment plus your local sales tax.

NY is an upfront sales tax state that charges tax again on a lease transfer, so in that case, it would be the ‘post tax’ payment + tax.

Likely true. Prob makes more sense for a broker/dealer to takeover the lease & flip it for another $5k. Or someone who wants to buy it outright at a $5k+ discount on the market price in my area.

As far as the lease takeover option goes, if someone wants a bit more car than the 530i (and with the potential to buyout the lease now) - they can give me a ring!

I remember seeing this back in April thinking I stood a chance. :smiling_face_with_tear:

BMW of Riverside has a pretty nice CPO with 21K miles for 69K. My guess is that if you try to sell them yours they won’t give you much more than 62K.

Why don’t you do that yourself then?