2021 BMW M340i Deal Check

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Not a good deal but how can I improve? Discount pre-incentive is 2.7% (very low but given the chip shortage and everything, is is realistic to get 6% or more?). I am aiming for mid $600 range with no MSDs.

Location: NY
Model: M340i xdrive
MSRP: $64,070
Dealer Contribution: -$1,730
Manufacturer Rebate -$1000, College Grad -$1000
Selling price: $60,340
Mileage: 36/10
Monthly payment: $766

I don’t know the exact MF but I tried to input the numbers and got below:

Doesn’t look too bad in the current market (big qualifier). I’d check if brokers are offering better discounts on this model before signing anything. In order to improve the current deal you’d need to set a total lease cost that you would accept paying, and then ask the dealer to get there however they want. Although you likely won’t have much luck because chances are they can sell it at MSRP to someone else, this is a hot car right now.

Doesn’t look that far off from what brokers here are offering.

Thanks. Do you know if this is the same situation for the x3 m40i? Don’t have a lot of stocks with spec i like so likely going to be a custom order.

Not too sure about that model, I only know a bit about the M340s because I recently leased one, but I do see a post in a recent broker thread (from 3 weeks ago) with an X3 M40i at an 8% discount. Things change quick so may already be closer to MSRP, but worth inquiring:

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Thanks! Feel free to reach out to me, @lee229.

Thank you so much! Reached out!

I filled out a form. Please review and reach out. Thanks!!!

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