2021 BMW 330i Lease Offer

Hi All,

Just started looking for a new lease as I’m approaching maturity on my current one. This my first pass on a offer and wondering if there is anything I can try to leverage further. They mentioned that the MF could not be lowered (should be .00086 for my area) any further as they are already offering an aggressive discount on the MSRP price.

Let me know your thoughts here. This is for a 36/10k lease in the Atlanta area. So far looking at $451/mth + tax. Calculator score showing about 8.6 as of right now.

IMO, price looks good. I like those wheels. Areas for improvement:

Getting closer to the .00086 buy rate.
Additional $500 if you have BMW loyalty.

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The MF mark up accounts for about a 1% of MSRP reduction in your pre-incentive discount, so after the buy rate adjusted, you’re at about 10.5% pre-incentive. What they haven’t broken out are things like the dealer doc fee, so if inflated, that could drag that pre-incentive discount down further. I’d try to get a breakdown of the upfront charges.


I do not currently have a BMW in the household, but I did lease a BMW from the same group of dealerships prior to my current lease. Wonder if they would be able to extend the same offer.

No, they can not. BMW lease loyalty has specific terms regarding qualification timelines. The dealer can’t do anything about that.

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Gotcha, thanks for the explanation.

$1285 tax
$799 Doc fee
$925 Acquisition fee

Ouch. So more like 9.5% pre-incentive when adjusted. How does that compare against other deals here you’ve researched?

Just starting the search so this is the first offer received thus far. Will check around at other dealers in the area to see how it holds up.

Seems like a pretty great deal in my humble opinion.

I wouldn’t let the LH calc score determine if a deal is good or not.


You’re on a site with a plethora of shares deals to pull data from. Use that to establish your price targets.

I don’t think you’ll find this is a bad deal (may have a little room), but you really ought to work out your pricing targets independent of the dealer. You need to know where you’re trying to negotiate to if you want to be effective.